How to pack and move a messy house

At the moment you find out that you are moving for just a few weeks from now, planning can starts. As planning is one of the major steps you have to take, make sure to do it well. The first thing you will consider is how to conduct packing? In most cases, packing your entire household presents the biggest moving challenge. But when the house to be packed up is much messier than usual, the challenge becomes even bigger. A messy house means that the packing task will be difficult, complex, and laborious to complete. Besides, the possibility to hire professional packers before cleaning the house is an unpleasant consideration for you. So, what should you do to pack and move a messy house? Take the advice from one of the most reputable moving companies Queens has. Therefore, keep reading and you will learn what you need to know.

You will need more time than you plan.

Get to work as soon as possible

Every person who has to move soon wants to have enough time to prepare. But when you have to pack and move a messy house, there is one thing that you need to accept as soon as possible. Thus, a messy house will certainly take more time to pack than a clean and tidy one.

On the other hand, when you find out your moving date that is pretty near, packing should be on the top of your priority list. That is right, not cleaning and sanitizing, sorting and decluttering, but exactly packing. But, as you realize, although you don’t have enough time for these mentioned moving tasks, most of them are inevitable. So, whether you are moving to Queens or any other city, you will need to finish these unavoidable tasks to be able to pack your bag as quickly as you can. You will need to organize your household items as soon as you can.

Decluttering is unavoidable in order to pack and move a messy house

Moving from a house without any mess in there sounds like a fairytale. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Although you wish for a clean and tidy house on these occasions, you will have to get that only by yourself. The good news is, home decluttering is more relaxing than other moving processes. Nonetheless, you will not only became relaxed but also able to finish unpacking fast. Of course, decluttering will be more simple if you have an inventory list handy. So, don’t hesitate and start creating this list that will save you time. Also, make sure to have a list of non-frequently used belongings and items you own. This list will help you realize what items you should gift, sell, donate, recycle, or place in your self-storage unit.

Woman preparing to pack and move a messy house
It is not easy to pack and move a messy house.

Hire reliable moving service

Often when our move comes suddenly, we are in a panic about being late. That is the main reason why we decide to hire professionals. Before you sign any contract, check the Better Business Bureau to make sure you are cooperating with reputable movers. After you get in touch with those you are looking for, it will be easy to organize, clean, pack, and move your messy house.



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