How to pack and move bulky items

The relocation process is underway, but you are wondering how to pack and move bulky items. You are probably wondering how you will pack your furniture or some of the big home appliances.  Tik Tok moving and storage NYC, the company can help you with that. We will reveal a few tips on how to do this so that your belongings can be moved to a new location safely and without damage.

A man and woman pack and move bulky items
Packing and moving bulky items can be very difficult if you don’t do it the right way

Several ways to pack and move bulky items

Moving things really isn’t an easy job, especially when you want to move furniture or some larger things from your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. For our movers Forest Hills NY, it’s a really easy job. Packing and moving bulky items can be really difficult if you don’t prepare for them properly. Small items can easily fit in boxes and bags, but large ones such as household appliances and furniture require special attention.

That’s why we’ve selected a few tips to make packing and moving bulky items easier.

  • To avoid damaging your bulky items during relocation, using foil and bubble wrap can be very helpful. This will avoid damaging them.
  • You can remove detachable parts on your furniture, such as drawers and shelves. You can also disassemble the furniture that has this option, into parts and thus make it easier to pack and move bulky items.
  • Disassemble everything you can. This method will help you move your closet more easily if you take out its drawers and shelves because that way you will have smaller parts. It is easier than climbing the whole assembled closet to the 6th floor of your apartment.
  • Protect your furniture. Use foil and bubble wrap to avoid scratching your belongings. Pay special attention to the protection of glass parts. Of great help for that, if the parts are smaller, you can have boxes that will fill you with crumpled newspapers.

    Donation box
    Donations can help you get rid of things you don’t need, and you can also make someone happy

The relocation process itself is stressful, but know that you can contact us at any time. Our packing supplies queens NY, offer you a variety of packaging options and services. In order not to have sudden large expenses, hire our Brooklyn movers.

Sort your stuff

Sorting your belongings can be very helpful during the packaging process. So you don’t have to carry everything with you. If you have decided to buy new furniture for your new home’s dining room, you do not have to carry the table and chairs from the previous home. Pay attention to sorting things, because if you bring something you won’t need, that way you’ll just take up space unnecessarily. You can donate or sell things you no longer need. With the money, you can buy other, new furniture or you can donate it to charity.

If you decide to donate your belongings to a donation or donate money from your sold items, be sure to make someone very happy.


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