How to pack and move souvenirs?

This year, traveling has proven to be a little more tricky than usual. Still, a lot of people had a chance to go to Europe and other places and experience some new sounds, tastes, and sights. Traveling is a great way to relax and meet new people and new cultures. It is also a good way to discover something about yourself along the way. And, when it is all done, people usually like to bring a little bit of a place they visited back home. A memento to remind them of the great times they had. However, having to pack those mementos is not as straightforward as one would hope. That is why we have prepared for you this article that will be instructing you on how to pack and move souvenirs.

How to handle customs

If you ever moved outside of the United States via long distance moving companies NYC you know just how much paperwork, and honestly, work in general, border checks and customs present. Even in this globalized age, leaving one country and returning, even for a vacation, has strings attached. In the case of souvenirs, that would be one simple fact. You have to pass customs. So, how are you to pack and move souvenirs and still pass without any problems?

border sign
How will you pass the customs?

Well, first off, no two countries have the exact same customs. You will have to check the countries website. That kind of information is displayed almost without exception. Furthermore, you should read about airline regulations. For example, you cannot transport your French wine bottle in the carry-on. Foods are also regularly problematic, as you cannot transport some foods. Other restrictions are pretty sensible and logical, such as narcotics, weapons, and live animals.

However, even here, more often than not, people make mistakes. For example, an ornamented dagger from the middle east is still very much a dangerous weapon that is not allowed. Not to mention a pet or narcotics that are legal in one country and forbidden in the other. Therefore, the moral of the story is simple – always read up before traveling.

Pack and move souvenirs with shipping

If you find that the item you want to bring home is not likely to pass the airport, you have an alternative option. You can have the item shipped. Now, there is a list of forbidden items here as well, of course, but that does not mean that it is not easier. It is. However, it is also a bit more expensive. So, if you want to ship something back home you need to make sure that it is actually worth the trouble!

Shipping, especially across the Atlantic, is not that cheap and it is also not too fast. For example, if you are shipping a lot of items, you might also need a storage queens back home. Furthermore, you might also need shipping insurance. A lot can happen to the souvenir as it travels all on its own. That is why you should be sure that you at least get your money back if it breaks.

How to pack in the suitcase

If you want to move it in your suitcase, you will need to use pretty much the same techniques of packing your regular residential and commercial moving companies NYC use. That means that you will need to learn how to pack. The most important thing when packing a suitcase for a flight is for it not to be overweight. If the suitcase passes over the certain weight allowed, you will have to pay additional fees. Furthermore, once you hand off the suitcase to the airport staff, it is not as safe as you think. There is a multitude of bad events that can before it. If you ever saw the videos of completely nonchalant tossing of suitcases unto the pile, you will know what we talk about. This is without even mentioning the possibility of theft that, while probably compensated, is a stressful experience.

pack and move souvenirs - suitcase
It is not easy to pack and move souvenirs but it is doable.

So, when you pack, you want to keep the weight down and protect the souvenirs as much as possible. If you are carrying a bottle, put it in a zip bag and use your clothes as a cushioning material. Always try to keep things in boxes that are the appropriate size for the thing you want to carry. For example, cardboard boxes with a little crunch paper will protect a lot, but they must not be too big for you to actually pack them.

Souveniers in the carry-on

If you want to take souvenirs the same way people take essentials when using moving companies Queens  – in a carry-on, you will need to read up on all of those airport restrictions we mentioned earlier. Airports and customs can make carrying of liquids tricky. Furthermore, there is also a lot less space in a carry-on. So be sure to read about restrictions before you pack anything in your carry-on.

Find souvenirs worth packing!

In this last part of the article, we have spared for the topic of finding good souvenirs. Of course, most of us buy rather than getting homemade gifts, but where you buy actually matters a lot. There are a lot of tourist traps where the prices are sky high for basically no value. Those can be avoided by simply asking the locals or finding a guide. However, you will also, more often than not, want something that is unique and truly local. Here are a few tips on how to get that.

a shelf with souvenirs
How will you find souvenirs worth bringing home in the first place?
  • Local materials – Always try to pack and move souvenirs that have a truly local quality to them, to truly remind you of the place that you brought them in. Try finding souvenirs that are made out of local materials.
  • Handmade – Having handmade souvenirs adds a level of uniqueness to the trinket you are bringing back home.
  • Ethically made – Finally, make sure it is not mass-produced and that the shop takes care of its workers.

In summary, to pack and move souvenirs is not that straightforward, but it can be relatively easy to execute if you know what you are doing. The most important thing is to remember to read up on restrictions you have so you know what method of transport you want to go with.

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