How to pack jewelry and other valuables?

Looking for advice on how to pack jewelry and other valuables for moving? You’re in the right place. One of the more difficult things about moving is that you need to pack all your belongings neatly before your moving company comes and collects them. This goes for all your prized possessions as well. It’s even harder to keep them safe. You can put your jewelry in a small box and call it a day, but some of your necklaces might get tangled or some of your smaller earrings could find openings at the corners and you could lose them. Jewelry is also one of the most stolen items, with or without a move. All the chaos that comes with a move, is a recipe for disaster for jewelry loss. To outsource this trouble, with our Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens, you can get premium packing services.

a watch and a pair of earrings
It’s really important to pack jewelry and other valuables correctly.

How to pack jewelry and other valuables in a few simple steps

Moving your prised possessions like precious necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, watches, and other valuables requires the utmost attention and care. Not only do you always have to keep the safety and security of your jewelry top of mind, but you will also need to strategize the most efficient ways to pack it and move it safely with you. This will require a bit of time. In case you are short with time and you have to move quickly, our trusty moving and storage Queens NY can help you pack and move your belongings safely in a matter of hours. If not, follow these few simple steps for how to pack jewelry and other valuables and keep them safe.

1. Purchase moving insurance and valuable coverage 

Are you hiring a moving company? Every time you plan to move jewelry and other valuable items using movers do consider your valuation coverage and moving insurance options. This way, if anything becomes lost or damaged during the move, you’ll receive some level of compensation for your loss. However, we must note that most moving companies nowadays will offer at least one type of valuation coverage to their customers: released value protection. Including ours. Usually, this coverage will be included in your quote and it will cover .60 cents per pound per item. But with Tik Tok moving, we offer a more comprehensive valuation coverage. You also have the option to purchase additional moving insurance through a third-party insurance company.

2. Take note of all the inventory

In case that something becomes lost in transit, how will you know without an inventory list of your jewelry? An inventory list will help you organize your relocation. If you own dozens of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, expensive vases, or paintings,  it can be hard to keep track of it all. Before you move, we highly recommend that you make a list of all items and write down a short description of them. You should also take photos of your jewelry prior to packing as well. As you unpack at the new home, you should be able to easily compare the inventory list to the jewelry items in front of you.

a woman taking notes
Making a list of your items will help you stay organized.

3. Sort and separate your costume jewelry from valuables

Whether it was your grandma’s ring or a gift from your husband, any jewelry item that carries value, be it monetarily or emotionally, deserves to be separated from the less valuable things. Make sure to pack all valuables separate from your costume jewelry items. It is fine to allow movers to move your costume jewelry, but we recommend keeping valuable jewelry pieces with you at all times during your move. In other words: you should carry all of your most valuable pieces with you in your moving day bag. This refers to valuable jewelry like:

  • engagements rings,
  • family heirlooms,
  • vintage pieces,
  • gifts from loved ones.

4. Find quality carrying cases for your jewelry

One of the first things you need to do is to find proper carrying cases for your jewelry. Whether you are boxing them up for the movers or you are carrying them yourself.  Make sure to find appropriate cases and boxes for packing all your jewelry and valuables. For the best quality cases on the market, feel free to look up our packing supplies Queens NY. We suggest using fish tackling boxes, pillboxes, sunglass cases, and egg cartons for smaller jewelry pieces like rings and earrings. You can also use one of those jewelry roll cases meant for traveling or zip pouches and plastic bags.

5. Thread your necklaces through toilet paper rolls

If you own a lot of necklaces and you want to pack them all at once, they are bound to get tangled up. Which will cause those knots we all hate and a lot of frustration. In order to keep your necklaces separated and knot-free, we recommend looping each necklace through a small toilet paper roll. Once they’re looped through, just clasp your necklace shut. This will help you keep them intact and organized, plus you’ll unpack them more easily.

preparing to pack jewelry and valuables
Remember to separate your jewelry before packing.

6. Label all the costume jewelry boxes

All of your boxes should be labeled, not just those with your valuables. Make sure they are all labeled. For jewelry, you should label the box as something else, like “toiletries”, for example. Just for some extra protection. This will make your life much easier when you get to your new home and start unpacking. We recommend that you install an alarm system after moving in case you own a lot of valuable items.

The best way to pack jewelry and other valuables and move them safely to your desired destination without much hassle is to hire professionals. We assure you that Tik Tok moving is more than equipped for the job and will gladly help you with your upcoming move. Rest assured knowing that your belongings are in good hands. We wish you a fantastic day!


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