How to pack liquids for moving

When we are preparing to relocate it is necessary to think about everything. Although the moving process can be stressful, when you have simple guides like this one, you won’t have any issues to deal with. Here we will discuss the problem of packing for moving. Especially when you need to know how to pack liquids for moving. Don’t think it is something scary! Yes, it can sound like that, but the process is quite simple! Just continue reading our article and you will know everything there is on packing liquids for relocation!

To pack liquids for moving, prepare first

Well, to be honest, there are methods you can use to pack liquids for moving, and those first include preparation and decluttering. When it comes to liquids, you can almost always count there will be some issues. So, to transport them correctly, see that you don’t have that many liquids to move! You should stop buying liquid products a couple of days or weeks before the move! So, by the time moving day arrives, you won’t have to lose time organizing those products you do have and then packing them for your residential relocation. While in this period of not buying liquids products, you should use as many products you have as you can!  If it is food, you will use it for sure! Chemistry like bath liquids or cleaning products won’t be that easy to use that much.

empty sealed spray bottle used to pack liquids for moving
Try to use as many products before you pack liquids for moving

There is also another way you can get rid of excess liquids in your household! Give them away as presents! Those products are easily very replaceable and you can get them at your nearest store! This is a great way to lower the number of things you are moving to your new home. Especially when knowing that amount of stuff you move influences the final moving estimate. But, if you are worried your moving estimate will be too high, then you should always opt for reliable movers NYC! Not only will you get a good estimate, but also a good moving service!

Gather packing materials

Unlike other household items, liquids require special care. This only means you need to get all the necessary packing materials you will use for when you want to pack liquids for moving! This includes:

  • Sturdy box – Avoid using cardboard boxes, since they can easily get damaged by the liquids and allow them to spill further.
  • Padding materials – Use whatever you can as a padding material! This is very important if you are packing liquids in glass containers. The glass can break and the substance can spill so you will have to deal with that mess also!
  • Wrapping supplies – wraps are very important if you want to pack liquids for moving! Especially when it comes to long-distance relocations to NYC. A lot of things can happen during transport that can bring only worries. Better safe than sorry!
packing paper
Paper is an excellent packing material when it comes to packing liquids for relocation

But, if packing liquids seems like a very hard job, then you should perhaps let your professional packers NYC do the job! Not only are they well experienced in it, but also can provide you with all the necessary supplies you will need to pack liquids for moving!

Categorize your liquids

Once you are done with these two steps, there is only a few more to go! Now, you need to categorize the leftover liquids! Here you should separate them by what you use them for. Whether they are food, health products, flammable products etc. There are also some liquids that are not supposed to be transported by a regular moving company because they require special containers and handling. Some of them are:

  • Antifreeze
  • Any kind of flammable oil
  • Dyes
  • Pesticides
  • Acids
Categorization chart
Categorize your liquids so you know how to pack each of them

Not only are these products highly flammable, but they also require very special transport conditions! Imagine moving in mid-summer and you pack something as highly flammable as oils, petrol or gasoline. So, before you move either locally or long distance, it doesn’t hurt to know where to hire hazardous waste disposal companies in NYC!

Packing liquids for the move

After all this preparation, it is primetime you start packing your liquids for the relocation. Now, if you can, you can pack your liquids in garbage bags. This will only prevent possible spillage from coming out of the box. On the other hand, you can take plastic bag covers for them and put them over the lids, and then put the lid over them. This will ensure a better grip on the bottle, so it won’t open during the transport for sure!

pack liquids for moving - Plastic bag, bottle, glass, tube
Use plastic bags to put bottles with liquids in them

One of the best ways you can pack liquids for the move is to put them in the upright position when placing them in the moving box. Once again, remember to use plastic or sturdy boxes when it comes to transporting liquids. When you put the bottles and jars in the box, try to put some paddings as well. It is a good idea not to have an extra room where bottles can tumble and waddle around the box. Pack them tightly and with pads! So they won’t have any room to fall down and break! There is a number of packing supplies you should use when moving. And they all revolve around having a good padding and wrapping materials more than boxes.

When you want to pack liquids for moving you have to be well prepared. As we mentioned before, you need to figure out what kind of liquids you are transporting. Also, you need to check with your movers if they are allowed to transport them at all. Hopefully, this article provided you with all the tips and tricks you will need to transport your liquids to your new home! If you wish to add something, feel free to do it in the comment section down below! We are happy to hear from you!

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