How to pack mirrors for a move

Each time we move we fear the fragile belongings we must relocate. To do it right, you need a good moving plan, packing tactic, and Jersey City movers to assist. But do not worry much, it is easier than you think. And today we will explain step by step how to pack mirrors for a move. One of the most fragile pieces of them all. Let’s go!

Find movers first

Apart from packing, you’ll need someone to carry all those boxes and mirrors. This means you must search for trustworthy New York movers. Find them online and browse their services, prices, and read reviews. Compare movers across the field and within an hour, you’ll find a match. Just make sure you confirm they are licensed with all the equipment required for moving.

Two movers ready for moving
Find a moving company that can handle this task. One with all the tools and experience.

Once you find a match, give them a call and check the moving services Queens NY offers. Communicate with your moving representative and find the best solution. Give them enough info about the number of items and furniture you own. Especially how many mirrors and other fragile pieces you have. After you make a deal and a moving plan, you can start packing.

A small trick up your sleeve

A cardboard box won’t be enough to keep your mirror safe. A good trick someone came up with is to take a packing tape and use it to make an “X” shape right at the center of the mirror. It will strengthen the entire thing and increase durability. But do not rely on it too much. It is a minor upgrade and your mirrors still won’t survive if you drop them on the ground.

It is time to pack mirrors for a move

There are custom-made moving boxes Queens NY designed especially for this occasion. You should use them if your budget can allow it and wrap your mirrors entirely. You will also add buffers from all sides and pack mirrors for a move nicely. Such a fluffy environment will surely keep your mirror safe. On the other hand, all other packing supplies should apply as well. Check out the full list:

  • Carton boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Blister packs
  • Corner pads
  • Labels

You can add more if you like but high-end packing materials can be expensive and maybe even useless in your situation. Nevertheless, check out what is in store and make the final choice yourself.

pack mirrors for a move in appropriately sized boxes
You won’t have any problems with smaller mirrors. Big mirror frames are a serious challenge though.

Another layer of protection is required to pack mirrors for a move the right way

As you already know, there are a lot of packing materials in your home already. You can use sheets, blankets, and other cushiony items for this occasion. Whether you will cover it or wrap it entirely, it doesn’t matter. It will add another layer of protection which is important for such a fragile item. You can even wrap your mirror in a small pillow entirely and secure it with a lot of packing tape. It is just a suggestion and something we saw out there in the field. It was successful and a proven tactic for moving a mirror and huge frames.

Label each piece

You can pack mirrors for a move and secure them like a pro. But if you forget to label it adequately something might go wrong. You must alert all your movers about the fragile pieces you possess and add huge labels on them. You can buy those “FRAGILE” stickers at the nearest hardware store and add them to each box. Especially onto your mirrors.

You are ready to load a moving truck and hit the road

Now when you are packed and ready, it is time to load a moving truck. We suggest letting your movers do this part because they have a lot of experience and knowledge. But if you are doing it yourself, you must know never to put your mirror flat down. You must set it upright and find a nice and cozy place in the back o the truck. Stack all your mirrors, picture frames, and similar items together and surround them with pillows and other cushiony items. That should do the trick.

Now you know how to prepare and pack mirrors for a move. Just be patient and rely on your movers. Everything else we shall leave to the luck factor. Hopefully, you’ll be in a good mood and have a sunny moving day. Good luck and stay safe.

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