How to pack porcelain for moving

It is always stressful when you have to pack for moving. Especially if you have to pack fragile items. That is exactly the case with porcelain. You need to have proper preparation to conduct this task. You don’t want your precious dishes and plates to end up broken during the relocation. So, read this article and follow our tips on how to pack porcelain for moving.

​Where to begin when you have to pack porcelain for moving?

Porcelain items are extremely fragile, you know that. And if they have survived generations, you must keep them for your children. If you don’t feel like you are up for the challenge such as packing porcelain for moving, don’t worry. You should consider hiring Greenwich CT movers. With all the other services, packing is one of the most precious, especially when you have to move porcelain items. Then, after you hire the best movers, you have to get top-quality packing supplies. Here are some of the packing items you won’t be able to pack your porcelain for moving.

Moving box prepared for packing porcelain
Get a good and sturdy moving box when you pack porcelain for moving.
  • You have to secure your dishes with newspapers or another soft padding. That is what trustworthy moving companies Stamford CT always recommend.

  • Then, get a compact box or boxes that can hold no more than 10 lbs. Even better, if you have the original box your china came in, use it.

  • Last but not least, don’t forget some packing tape and a sharpie or magic marker.

​Let’s get down to details- find out how to pack porcelain items when moving

​How to pack porcelain plates and bowls

After you hire Tik Tok Moving and get all the packing supplies, let’s get down to business. When it comes to packing china plates and bowls, here are our suggestions. First, put several layers of cushioned packing foam or packing peanuts on the bottom of the box. As for the plates, know that the plates are stronger standing up. Therefore, place a few layers of newspaper in front of the first plate, and then place in the second. After you finish, seal the box with packing tape down the middle and across the side edges. Finally, write `fragile` on every side of the box. Also, write `this side up ` on the top and label your moving boxes.

White porcelain bowls on a table
Be careful when packing bowls, as they can have strange shapes

​What about china cups and serving dishes?

When you have to pack porcelain for moving, pay attention to cups and bowls. You can always book packing services and be calm. Note that it is best to wrap each piece carefully. On the other hand, put glasses and teacups on their bottoms, standing upright. Also, you can use sturdy cardboard dividers between individual cups and larger items so they don’t bang around. Finally, after placing a layer of cups, top with a layer of sturdy cardboard and additional packing peanuts. Make sure your items don’t break during relocation.

You must be patient when you pack porcelain for moving. And with our tips, you can be calm, as you will handle packing your kitchen easily. We wish you good luck.

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