How to pack your glassware and fine china

Glassware and fine china are the items that we will put in a box and mark it fragile. This is the time to use your skills and carefully pack your glassware and fine china in order not to damage them. These are called fragile for a good reason, but with our tips and tricks, you will have no issues whatsoever to pack them perfectly. They will be well protected in moving boxes Queens, for example, as their quality is remarkable. As with the entire moving process, it is important to organize everything on time. Everything else will come easily, and your glassware and fine china will remain intact. Let us begin.

Make an inventory list of your fragile items

When the moving begins and you start placing items in boxes, we are always surprised at how many things we actually have. This is also true when you want to pack your glassware and fine china. If you are moving into a smaller home, you will maybe even have to not only move but as well store your items. For this, we can gladly recommend moving and storage Queens NY. We know how important it is to you that your items are safe. Make an inventory list of your glassware and fine china on time. In this, you will be able to buy the proper amount of packing material which is our next step.

a man holding three boxes
Pack your glassware and fine china in a safe way to avoid any damage to the items

Packing supplies for glassware and fine china

When you enter the improvement store, you should know what you are looking for and in what amount. In this way, you will not lose your time, money or energy on buying something that you do not actually need, and have leftover moving boxes, for example. Here is a list of items that you will need in order to properly pack your glassware and fine china:

  • Dish pack boxes – made from an excellent sturdy carton, strong enough to carry your fragile items, your items will be safe and protected from any damage
  • A duct tape – The duct tape will secure your moving boxes and your items from falling out which is extremely important
  • Moving blankets – You do not even have to buy moving blankets. Instead, you can use towels or linen, and save time and money
  • A permanent marker – Labeling everything correctly is half the job
  • Old newspaper – the crumpled paper is the best for protecting fragile items
before you pack your glassware and fine china make sure to make a list of all the glasses on the table
It is important to make an inventory list of all of your glassware and fine china before you start packing them

Now you are ready to pack your glassware and fine china

After you have made an inventory list and found all of your items that fall under the category of glassware and fine china, and obtained the packing material, you can start. Take some time aside, and try not to be disturbed at period. It is very important that you do not rush, or lose patience because fragile items require attention. There is absolutely no reason to hurry or be under stress. Remember that there are many tips to cope with moving stress.

Start by securing the bottom of the box

Take the old newspaper and crumple them. The effect will not be the same if you just fold the paper. Because it is crumpled paper that absorbs the damage from movement. Feel free to use plenty of paper. You will need around six inches to provide a safe bed in the box for your glassware and fine china.

Packing glassware

Make sure to wrap each item individually. This is the key to protecting all of your glassware. Start laying the heaviest and strongest items on the bottom of the box when you pack your glassware and fine china. You can place serving trays or coffee mugs here. Remember to place crumpled paper between the items, from the bottom to the top, and from side to side when you pack glass.

Wrapping glassware and fine china

As we already mentioned, it is very important to wrap glassware and fine china. Roll every item in to the packing paper, or the newspapers. Two or three layers should be enough, however, never hesitate to place extra paper if you think it is necessary. It is always better to be safe than sorry, this is particularly true in this situation. For glasses, put the crumpled paper in the inside of glasses, and then roll them in paper. As you place them in a box, they should not make any sound. As this means that they are not well protected. Make sure to place enough of the packing paper between the items and also on every side of them.

tea set with 7 tea cups
Do not forget to label your boxes as fragile so that you do not accidentally damage your items

Finish the packing of the box

When you have reached the top of the box, actually some three inches from the very top, place again some crumpled paper. Close the box, and wrap it with the duct tape to avoid the box being opened. After that, use the permanent marker and label every box that you packed glassware and fine china in. If this is not done, you risk all the items being damaged. If you hired movers, they would not know that the items are fragile and might break them. On the other hand, if you are moving on your own, you will maybe forget in which box you put the fragile items and damage them as well.

If you pack your glassware and fine china on your own, just make sure they are cushioned with paper. Or towels and linen, whatever suits you best. If there is something to absorb the shock from movement, everything will be fine. When you have plenty of fragile items to move, and you do not have time to pack them properly, hire a professional. Professional staff with a lot of experience will make sure that your glassware and fine china is not damaged when it reaches your new home.

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