How to pack your kitchen in a day

Are you moving in a hurry? Do you need to pack your stuff quickly and take off for another city or state? Relocation is generally a stressful period and many people tend to get overwhelmed with so much planning and different things to take care of. This is especially true if you have limited time to pack your bags. For that reason, we have prepared some tips on how to pack your kitchen in a day, and get that out of your schedule. This is something you can do on your own, so instead of hiring movers NYC you can opt to save some of your dollars and do the packing without professional assistance. Money that you would spend on services of professional packers could be used to purchase something else, for example moving insurance.

To pack your kitchen in a day you need to make a plan

Like with everything in life having a clear plan will help you achieve your goals more quickly. The same applies to the kitchen packing process. So, grab a piece of paper and a pen and make a list. Or use your laptop for that purpose.

  • Do some cleaning first. By this, we mean that you should throw out, donate or sell everything you don’t plan on taking with you. It will be easier for you to pack only the basics, and you will also save some money on moving quotes.
  • Decide what you are taking with you. Take a tour of your kitchen and write down what things are of utmost importance for you. Later you can doublecheck if they are packed. This way you will also know how many boxes you will need for the packing process. Thinking ahead means saving time.
  • Make a packing plan. Group items by type or size or according to the frequency of usage. Pack items you don’t use that often first. The label of your boxes to know what is essential and what to unpack first when you arrive at your new home. This strategy will speed-up the process of packing tremendously.

Arm yourself with packing tools

In order to pack your kitchen in a day, you will need some adequate packing tools. First of all, you must get some cardboard boxes. You can drop by your local DIY store or order them online. Estimate how much stuff there is in your kitchen and order boxes accordingly.

Picture of packing tools that you will need to pack your kitchen in a day
Use cardboard boxes to pack your kitchen, but be careful not to over-stuff them.

When you are packing your boxes be careful and don’t over-stuff them. Plates and glasses are actually quite heavy and they can add-up weight quickly. Half-empty boxes are also easier to carry around, and a lot more secure. Next, you will need some scissors, packing paper, bubble wrap, and a marker pen. When you have all of this, you are ready to begin. Or, you can just hire some packing services from Queens and make your life a whole lot easier.

How to pack breakables

The problem with the kitchen is that it has so many different items, many of which are quite fragile. Therefore, packing a kitchen can prove to be one difficult task. So how should you pack fragile items like glasses or plates? When packing your plates group them in piles of three to four plates and place some packing paper between them. Place them in the box horizontally. As for glasses you can place them in bubble wrap or packing paper individually and then in the box. Place some of your old clothes in between for maximum protection. This is a great way to use those old shirts one more time.

Picture of wine glases
Use your old clothes or other soft fabric to protect fragile items like wine glasses

Strategy for packing kitchen appliances

Kitchen is home to a staggering amount of different electrical devices, and usually, all of them are necessary and they need to be packed and transported to your new address. For small kitchen appliances like mixers, blenders, and toasters, the best strategy is to put them back to their original boxes. If you didn’t keep these boxes you can use regular cardboard ones. Just make sure that they are tightly sealed and marked. Again, using your old clothes to fill the gaps and immobilize small appliances is the best safety measure.

For large appliances like refrigerators, your best bet is to let professionals handle them. Residential movers NYC have all the necessary experience and tools to handle items like these. If you, however, wish to move them on your own, you can call your friends to help you out. Remember that you are not alone in this and they will be glad to give you a hand.

Picture of a refrigerator
In order to pack your kitchen in a day, you will probably need professional assistance for large appliances like refrigerators

Additional tips for packing your kitchen in a day

For kitchen cleaning materials and chemicals use a tightly sealed plastic bag or garbage bag to prevent disaster in case of spilling. For this reason, make sure all caps are fixed firmly.  To pack your silverware, use a sturdy plastic box or a shoebox that has been additionally strengthened with packing tape. There is nothing worse than loose silverware all over the moving truck. To pack your pots and pans, use a big box and stack them horizontally, the same way you did with plates. For other kitchen items like spices, vinegar, and oil bottles or canned food, ask yourself are they worth the effort? Moving quotes are based on the total weight of your shipment, so their transportation costs something, therefore it might be more affordable to get new ones when you arrive at your new home.

These were some of the tricks you could use to pack your kitchen in a day. We would always recommend you to get an early start, but if that is not an option follow these steps and the packing process will be over before you knew it. Have a safe relocation.

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