How to pack your office for relocation

Packing an office for a move is a demanding and very responsible job. And if you were lucky enough to get this task, you should probably hire a moving company. Why? Even if you are experienced in your business, moving a business is something else. It’s very important to plan everything nicely and not to forget anything. And moving companies surely have a lot of experience so you can rely on their services. But before you start calling numbers to pack your office for relocation – what do you need to easily and quickly move your office?

Know thy office dimensions – so you can pack your office for relocation easier

Before you even start to plan your commercial relocation, here’s an important question. Do you know the dimensions of your new office? This is very important because the new layout of the furniture depends on the dimensions of the future office and its size in square meters.

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How to pack your office for relocation?

It may happen that the existing furniture and office equipment cannot fit into the new space in the same way. So your arrangement in your old office may not be the best solution for the new one. For this reason, be sure to measure the dimensions and require that you have an exact scheme of all rooms.

Draw a plan

Do you have a plan where you will place every item that you move? When you know the answer to the last paragraph (exact office dimensions), it will be easier to place your items. The best idea is that you first draw a new layout on paper. This will take a bit of your time and patience, but it will save you time when the day of your relocation comes. How will this help? Well, if you draw a plan, the movers can just enter and install your items where you planned. In this way, you will not lose time on on-the-spot arrangements.

Also, it may happen that you have some extra stuff or that you just don’t know what to do with some items. In that case, consider taking a commercial storage unit. This can save you time and nerves while you pack your office for relocation.

What to do with important documents

Besides furniture, you need a place to store office documents. Firstly, do you even know what are the most important and most needed documents? It is very important to separate those documents and equipment that you need immediately after moving to start your business. Think about what you need and pack this content into boxes that will be clearly marked. In this way, it will be easier for you to know where is what once you move to a new space… And you won’t spend time to look for basic things.

Think about what you need and pack this content into boxes that will be clearly marked.

Of course, all important items must be properly packed and secured, so they are not damaged during moving. You can always ask the movers: there are different types of packaging for different items. And it is important to choose the appropriate packaging material.

Make sure you’re connected

It is very important to know in advance which providers are in charge of telephone lines and the Internet before moving. As you know, without the phone and the Internet today it’s like you’re left without electricity. It is impossible to work. So keep this in mind and make sure everything is connected before you move into your new office.

The companies that provide these services usually need a few days to go out on the field and get everything done. Of course, in all offices, IT infrastructure is a very critical and important inventory. They are very fragile and special care must be taken during the movement of electronic devices.

Choosing the right moving company

When you think about how to pack your office for relocation, you need to take care of all the small details from the beginning to the end. And packing the office is more stressful if you have a lot of things to move. That’s why you should plan in advance and prepare everything… So that there are no surprises at the last moment!

With the help of the moving company, you can create an inventory list.

A reliable moving company will make the whole move process easier and less stressful. Movers can help you get moving supplies and give you a free estimate of the relocation costs. Also with the help of the moving company, you can create an inventory list. This list can include items from all departments that need to be moved.

Make a moving team

When you pack your office for relocation, this can be a tedious and time-consuming task for everyone involved. So if you are planning to move your office, or organize moving for a company, it is necessary to plan everything in advance. That’s why it would be great to create a team of people that will be in charge of all small details during the move.

Those can be your colleagues or your friends that will help you plan and prepare the move so that there are no surprises when the people from packing services come to do their job. Still, it’s best that those are people from all departments, mainly from the administration, human resources, supply chain, and finance.

Be patient

You cannot move the entire office in one day, no matter how much you want it to be this fast. That’s why it is very important to plan ahead, (ideally a few months in advance) to prevent any unnecessary stress. Besides this, all employees should be familiar with relocation, as they need to make appropriate arrangements for their daily communication. This is the most important step to follow if you want the move to be quick and efficient. Check with a moving company how you can plan to move ahead of time as most commercial buildings have working hours. So check when is the best time to move your office into a new space.

In conclusion, before you pack your office for relocation you need to have a plan and a great organization. A moving company will probably be your best friend for some time, so choose wisely and – good luck!

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