How to pack your plants for moving

Plants are very special to us, and they are one of those items that make a house be a home full of warmth. People do feel better if they have a lot of plants, especially if they were a gift from someone we love. That is why when you decide to move, there is a big question for you to answer. How to pack your plants for moving safely, and how to avoid any damage when transporting them. Packing services NYC are very helpful when it comes to packing and everything else for that matter, but with plants, it is best to pack them yourselves. We are here to help you pack your plants in the best possible way.

Check out for regulations

Before you start to pack your plants for moving, check out what the law says about your plants. Many countries have a restriction when it comes to importing plants. It is all because they want to prevent the outbreak of plant diseases, so you better inform yourself on time. Your items, including plants, will be inspected closely at the customs, hence it is better to avoid the mess. Bronx movers know all about this, and will gladly move all of your items wherever you need to go.

pack your plants for moving so that your new living room will look bright and fresh
Plants turn every house into a home and make it warm, colorful place where you want to go back to

Think about the climate for your plants

If your plants are accustomed to certain weather conditions, and the country you are moving to has different ones, consider leaving your plants at home. The change in temperature, number of sunny days, exposure to sunlight, humidity all have a major influence on the health of your plants. Have this in mind while relocating your plants, as your intention is to move them, not kill them. Packing and moving your plants is a very serious job and there are a lot of factors that you should take into consideration before moving them. Some might compare packing plants with packing glassware and fine china, and they would be right.

Take them to a professional botanist

Just like you would take your pet to the vet to check if it is in good condition for the move, you can do the same with plants. A botanist will know if your plants can survive the trip, and can tell you about the conditions you will need to keep them healthy and alive. Let us not forget that plants are fragile living organisms, who require attention and special conditions. For example, plants are one of the restricted items in a storage facility because of this. Also, when you arrive at your new home and you are not sure how to treat your plants, pay a visit to a botanist and you will not regret it.

pots full of plants on a table
Consult a botanist before you pack your plants for moving, and see if you can get additional advice and avoid any damage.

How to pack your plants for moving safely?

There is a protocol that you should follow when you want to pack your plants for moving. Here are the things that you will need in order to do this successfully: moving boxes, old newspapers, stretch wrap, and plastic pots.

  • Three weeks before the move – When you pack your plants for relocation, you need to start on time. Three weeks before the move, you need to re-pot them in the plastic pots. They will be transported in these pots, so it is essential that they get used to new surroundings. Be careful to choose the pots of the exact size as their old pots were.
  • Two weeks before the move – Prune the plants of all the dead leaves, and wipe them with water, so that they are clean and dry for the road
  • One week before the move – Obtain all the package material that you will use, so that you are ready to pack them on the day of the move, or the night before, depending on your departure from home
  • During the move – Make sure that plants are the last thing that you will pack into your car, and the first thing that you will get out of the car. If you are making stops at motels for the night, bring them with you and take them out of moving boxes
re-potting of a cactus
Re-pot your plants a few weeks before the move and they will survive the trip easier

Before the move, begin with packing

You have already re-potted your plants, so now you should just wrap the paper around the pots. The first layer should be damp, and the next 3 or 4 layers should be of a dry crushed newspaper. Take the moving boxes should be of the right size so that there is no much space left free. This is in order not to damage the plants.

Place the padding on the bottom of the boxes, and also use crushed newspaper to fill in the voids. Make small holes in the box, so that your plants get enough air. If you forget about this part, they will most likely not survive the trip. If you want to pack your plants for moving properly, finish by taping the moving box so that it does not open during the trip and damage your plants.

New home

The goal is to get your plants safely to your new home. As soon as you arrive, plants should be the first for unpacking. However, it is enough to water them and leave them in plastic pots for a week or so inside the house. They should adjust to the new climate and survive the change of conditions. Leave them for a week to adjust, and then slowly re-pot one by one. If you believe that the plant is damaged without repair, consult a botanist either way. The better you pack your plants for moving, the better the outcome will be. And we want to mention that, if you do not think your plants will survive the trip, there is nothing wrong with giving them to someone you love. Good luck!

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