How to pack your printer for a move

We all appreciate what relocation brings but almost no one can say they are thrilled about the whole moving process. You must organize moving logistics, prepare for packing, and search for moving companies Queens. And packing is probably what concerns you the most. Especially how to pack your expensive and fragile electronics and appliances. Therefore, today we will teach you how to pack your printer for a move. Let us help you cover at least one stage of your move.

Search for movers before you pack your printer for a move

Before you even pack your printer for a move, you must figure out who will help you relocate it. Yes, it will be a professional moving company. But which one? The answer to the question lies behind an hour of browsing online. Find your movers on the internet and narrow your search down by reading moving reviews. Compare prices and services between companies and you’ll find a match quick enough. Just ensure your Westchester movers have all the tools, equipment, and knowledge required.

Two movers carrying carton boxes
Search for an adequate moving team with all the tools required to move your printer.

Also, check if your movers possess licenses and permits to avoid dealing with scamming or fraudulent moving companies. Finally, check the moving services Queens NY available to you and figure out which one can make your relocation easier. We suggest checking packing services as one of the easiest ways to skip the whole packing process and enjoy your relocation.

Gather moving supplies

You must obtain all the packing materials necessary and do it on time. So, run to the nearest hardware store and obtain the following:

  • Cardboard boxes – You should obtain medium or large ones. And you should use the original box if you still have one.
  • Cushion – Make a nice and cozy environment to pack your printer for a move. Use blister packs or blankets and clothing you already have at home.
  • Packing tape – Something must hold your box together. Use higher-quality packing tape.
  • Labels and a marker – Label your printer so everyone knows it is a delicate and fragile piece of equipment.

These are the mandatory packing supplies you’ll find at any home depo, order online, or purchase from your movers.

Prepare to pack your printer for a move

The first thing you want to do is to decide if your printer is in a good shape to be relocated in the first place. You will surely declutter and downsize when moving and find many pieces of furniture, electronics, and other household items that are unused and outdated. If your printer falls into this category, maybe it is better to buy a new one and recycle this one instead. The next step is to take a photo of the previous state so you can plug everything back in easily. Then, you should detach all cables, remove power sources, and clean your printer inside out. Secure all cables with tape and attach them to the back of the printer or set them aside separately inside your moving box.

Remove ink cartridges

A final stage to cover before you pack your printer for a move is to remove toners and cartridges. You never know what will happen during transport and if your box moves and turns it can get messy. Therefore, remove it and place it in a ziplock baggie. If you do not know how to remove it, consult a manufacturer’s user manual if you still have one. If not, find your guide on the internet.

A mover with the moving box
Ensure your box is labeled and handled properly.

Pack and get ready for moving!

Now let’s pack it and get moving. As you already cleaned your printer and removed all detachable, it is time to place it inside a box. Before you do, put a cushion of your choice inside and tuck everything in. Place your printer inside, place a few buffers on the side, and close the box. Apply a few layers of tape and add your label to the box. All done.

One more thing, if you have quite a few electronics and appliances, consider purchasing moving insurance. It is a small investment to keep yourself relaxed and safe while moving. Especially if you are transporting valuable cargo.

And that was it, now you know how to pack your printer for a move. It is a simple process as long as you have enough patience to do it. And you will have it.  It is your property after all and you will make sure it arrives at your new address unharmed. Good luck.

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