How to pass the time while waiting for movers

Finally, the day of your move has come. Now you are waiting for movers, and you are asking yourself if you should do anything else so that your moving days go even better. And our answer to this is yes, there are things you can do while waiting for movers. Luckily, Westchester movers are rarely or never late, so you will not have to wait for them for a long time. In the meanwhile, you can check if everything is ready for the move and prepare mentally for a complete change of scenery.

Clear the path for your movers

This involves a couple of major things. In order for your movers to come and pick up all of your belongings, they need a clear path. Here is how you can enable this for them.

while waiting for movers reserve an elevator. Elevator sign inside a building
Remember to reserve the parking space as well as the elevator for a few hours, as it will speed up the moving process.

Reserve a parking space

The closer the parking space is to your home or building, the better. Sometimes this should be done even a few days before your movers arrive, it all depends on how crowded it gets around your home. Interstate moving companies NYC would be grateful if you reserve a parking space just for the moving truck so that they do not have to park several blocks away. Especially because this may cause additional fees that you will have to pay.

Reserve the elevator for your movers

This is something that most people usually forget to do while waiting for movers. If you live in a building where a lot of people circulating during the day, reserve the elevator on time. This will speed up the moving process a lot, and it will make everything easier for your movers. Put up a note on the elevator door, where you will explain the reason for reservation, and other residents will understand.

Clear the pathway

Next to the parking space and the elevator, it is very important that your movers don`t trip over the moving boxes or excessive things at the entrance of your home or apartment. Clear the corridor so that they have enough space to go through with the moving boxes. If you are wondering what to do with the leftover moving boxes, we have a couple of suggestions, but do not leave them around the house while movers are there.

Find a sitter for your children and pets

Moving is really stressful for children and pets already, they do not have to watch people taking away all of their belongings. Plus, the movers will have to be focused on avoiding them while carrying heavy boxes. That is why it is better to ask someone to take care of them while waiting for movers to arrive. It will make their job much easier and you will be able to avoid the most common moving injuries and accidents.

Go through the entire house one more time

This is beneficial in many ways. While waiting for movers, you can check everything one last time and make sure everything is set to go. This simple step will prevent any unpleasant surprises and you will be much calmer. While you are going through the house you can do a couple of things.

moving boxes in an empty room
Check out if you have correctly labeled and packed all the moving boxes.

Take photos

Photograph your moving boxes and most importantly take a photo of the electric meter. You will then have recorded the true condition of the house and in case you need proof that you did not damage something, you will have a solid proof.

Label the moving boxes

If you haven`t already done this. This is a vital step to a successful move. Mark all the boxes with fragile where necessary, and your movers will handle it in the correct way. Make sure that all the boxes are labeled correctly while waiting for movers. Also, double-check if the moving boxes are packed correctly. It is better to be safe than sorry.

See if you forgot to pack something

While you are going through the entire house or an apartment, check out if you forgot something. Open every wardrobe, check out every shelf. Sometimes you will be surprised at what you can find. This will eliminate the risk of anything being left behind. You still have time to pack it as if nothing happened.

Cover the floors

Prevent damage to your floor and carpets easily by placing old sheets, blankets, towels or even cardboard pieces over them. This can really make a difference in the outcome and you can do it while waiting for movers. Sometimes the carpet can get dirty and flor can become scratched from all the boxes and furniture pieces. When you cover them, the risk of damage is greatly reduced.

What else can you do while waiting for movers?

There are a couple of more things that you can do before your movers arrive. After this is over, you will be able to plan how to spend a perfect NYC afternoon, keep this in mind.

bathroom interior
While waiting for movers, check if you have clean towels, soap and running water in the bathroom.
  • Food and drinks – Although your movers will not have a lot of time to spare, they would appreciate cold water and something to snack.
  • Soap, water, and clean towels in the bathroom – Needless to stay, remember to leave soap and towels in the bathroom for your movers. If you do not have tapping water anymore, buy water so that your movers can wash their hands and face after hard work
  • Prepare cash to tip the movers – If the movers provide great service, you can decide to tip them. And for this, you will need cash, so remember to have some at your disposal.

While waiting for movers, there are a lot of the things that we mentioned that can keep you busy. Write them down and tick them off as you go. Good luck!

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