How to personalize your new home after moving to Hicksville

When you move to a new house with movers in Hicksville NY, it is natural to want to put your personal stamp in this place. In the end, if you have not built your dream home, it is likely that the decoration, fixtures, and paint colors were chosen in accordance with the previous owner’s taste. So where to start? Here are 8 projects that can help you personalize your new home after moving to Hicksville.

What you can do to personalize your new home after moving to Hicksville

1. Paint the front door

This is much less obligation than painting the exterior, and it is of great benefit. When choosing a paint color, think about whether you want to upgrade the hardware as well. New shiny hardware can give your home a fresh look, and you can change locks at the same time (always a good idea when you buy a house), so this is a win-win.

Old gate
While you are at it, you may also paint that old gate

2. Hang your personal photos

Placing a few of your favorite photographs on the wall is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give your new place a sense of home, so don’t put it off. So, as soon as Queens movers deliver your belongings, start hanging photos. If you are worried about making holes in the walls before you know exactly where everything will go, choose removable photo strips instead of nails.

3. Change the kitchen faucet

If the faucet in your kitchen has seen better times, consider replacing it with a new one. This one simple change can have a big impact on how your kitchen feels in general, and it is relatively inexpensive. Just make sure you match it with existing equipment – or replace everything at the same time for a bigger change.

4. Paint a wall or two

Choosing colors for your entire home can be a daunting task. Rid yourself of the trouble and just paint the accent wall or two right now. Getting the color on the walls will make your place look more like yours and help determine the rest of the palette of your home. Changing your wall color can also help you de-stress after the move.

5. Buy fresh flowers

A bouquet of freshly cut flowers, whether from the grocery store or from the backyard, can instantly make any room more friendly. Go even further by putting several individual blooms to show them in vases around the house.

Bouquet of tulips
Choosing your favorite flowers will certainly help you personalize your new home after moving to Hicksville

6. Roll out the fluffy rug

Even if you usually prefer bare floors, the presence of at least one space with a soft rug makes the house very comfortable. If you worry about the cleanliness of a carpet or rug, place it in a room away from entrances and heavy foot traffic – a bedroom or den is ideal.

7. Clean from top to bottom

Take advantage of the powerful aroma of natural products to thoroughly clean your new home. As a matter of fact, you can make cleaning a family event. This may sound a little strange, but when your house starts to smell familiar, you will feel at home. So you should do everything you can to speed up the process!

8. Change the light fixtures

Replacing a boring or outdated lamp with a new stylish one can create the feeling of a new room. And if there is a place where you can use overhead lights, where they do not exist, pay an electrician to install them – why live with the inconvenience when you can fix it? The costs are worth it if they make your daily life easier and more enjoyable for years to come.

You do not need to make all these changes at once. Try it once or twice a day and your home will feel at home before you know it. The trick is to constantly add these home touches to personalize your new home after moving to Hicksville.

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