How to practice self-care while moving house?

There is a lot to be said about how stressful a relocation can be. Moving is especially a process where you have to keep track of pretty much everything and for which you have to prepare for a very long time. This results in a lot of stress being present in the relocation process. This is true be it that you are moving by yourself or hiring professionals. Simply said, while having professionals deal with the move does make it somewhat simpler, you still have to face challenges that are inherent to the moving process. But how should you do it? How should you face the challenges of relocation and practice self-care while moving to your new home? Well, you are, luckily, not the first one to ask that and there are plenty of ways one can protect themselves from the stressfulness of relocation.

Start planning on time

The best way to lower the stress of having to move with residential or commercial moving companies NYC alike is to start planning on time. Now, we do realize that for some of you that are reading this, it is already too late to start early. We also realize that sometimes it is not a matter of choice. There are a lot of ways in which a relocation can be a last-minute one. Emergency relocations are not rare. However, that does not mean that you still cant start planning as early as possible! People sometimes refuse to deal with the moving situation until it’s too late, procrastinating due to the inherent stress of having to move house that they simply want to deal with as late as possible and as little as possible. While this course of action can be tempting, we urge you not to do this. You need to meet the challenges of relocation head-on in order to come up on top of your mental health protection.

Practice self-care while moving with the help of meditation - meditation stones on the water
Knowing how to find inner peace is crucial, so practice self-care while moving

The reason why you need to start planning early lies in the tasks that you need to get done. In simple terms – there are a lot of them. In order to practice self-care while moving you want to make sure you are not overburdened with a lot of tasks. Humans are not only inherently not good at multitasking, but we also kinda hate it. Time is ticking and the best way to deal with the mountain of tasks you have is to take them one by one. Best time to start planning for the relocation via your pick among moving companies Stamford CT is around 8 weeks.

Practice self-care while moving with the help of meditation

One of the ways you can approach stoping anxiety is coping with stress through meditation techniques. These come in all shapes and sizes and represent a great tool for battling stress. One of the best things about meditation is that you can practice it practically whenever. That means that you can take even short breaks to find inner peace and consolidate your thoughts, preparing for new challenges while not losing too much time.

However, meditation is not the only physical thing you can do. You can also go running or exercise. Keeping physically happy is a pretty big part of staying mentally healthy. There is no way as to why moving should pose a problem for exercise. You can still find some time for jogging. Runners high can do wonders for your mental well being.

Go and meet your city

And if running is not really your thing, why not practice self-care while moving by walking around, and meeting your new city. There are plenty of things one can do in a place during and after the relocation that can help remind the person of all the good things about moving.



two benches in the fall
Go on walks!
  • Parks – Go visit the great green surfaces of your new cities.
  • Cultural eventsPractice self-care while moving and meet the culture of the local community at the same time by hitting theaters, concerts, and cinemas.
  • Restaurants – Treat yourself to a nice meal at a quirky local restaurant and meet the locals!

Take a break

There is a lot of work to be done with and without long distance moving companies NYC, but all of that work should also grant you some rewards. That would be a necessary break. Take breaks during and after the relocation process (including the long planning phase). This is, of course, only possible if you start planning on time. That way you can actually have time for breaks. Under the assumption that you did, you can, and very much should if you are to practice self-care while moving, take breaks in the form of your favorite hobbies. Be it that it is simply lying on the couch next to a tv or a favorite book, playing video games, hanging out, etc. Whatever refills your batteries.

Break after the relocation – Housewarming party

Finally, after your New York movers are done moving you, you should relax! Moving is maybe not entirely done yet, there is still unpacking and stuff, but you do deserve a break. One of the big things about keeping your mental health high is to know how to practice self-care and to give yourself the necessary breaks and awards.

pizza pieces
Get some food ready

One of the ways you can relax is by throwing a social event! Call your friends (or if you moved far away from your previous home –  your new neighbors) for a party and have a nice, relaxed party where you will have time to reflect upon what a wild process it has been.

This is, in brief, all that you should know about how you should practice self-care while moving. We hope that this guide will help you in staying healthy and stress-free through the arduous process of relocating. Just remember to practice self-care during all the phases of moving. To start planning on time, to practice yoga or meditation, to exercise, eat healthily, and take breaks!



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