How to prepare an essentials box for moving

If you are contemplating a change of the address then you must know that a huge task is awaiting you. Relocation tends to be an overwhelming experience for people not only because it is a difficult and physically demanding process, but because it is a big change. Simply put, you are leaving your familiar surroundings and going into the uncharted waters. Unless you are moving a couple of blocks away and only the essentials box.

In order for everything to click perfectly, you need to be well organized and concentrated. You must double-check everything to be sure nothing is left behind. To pack yourself for the move it is advisable to consider hiring professional assistance, and residential movers NYC would be a great place to start. But aside from packing everything in the back of the truck, some items must be by your side at all times. In this article, we will give you some ideas on how to pack an essentials box for the moving day. Grab a drink and stay tuned.

Why is it important to have an essentials box?

Like we said moving is a chaotic period, especially if you have to move in a hurry. We advise you to try not to leave everything for the last minute, but sometimes there are no options. So, imagine a scenario where you need to spend a night at the hotel, airport or in a long journey. If you are moving from state to state there is a fair chance that you will arrive at your new home before the truck with your belongings. For interstate moves is necessary to find reliable moving partners. Long-distance movers NYC have all the necessary knowledge and experience to help you organize a stress-free relocation. Because of that, it is quite important to have an essentials box. So, what should you pack? What might come in handy during those few unique days?

Picture of a passport
Wherever you decide to go, keep your personal documents at hand

Essentials box must include personal documents

If you are moving to another city or state your personal documents must always be by your side. They are probably the most important piece of the moving puzzle. What you must have at all times is:

  • Identity card
  • Money and credit cards
  • Passport and birth certificates
  • Drivers’ license
  • Medical records for your family
  • Vet records if you have a pet
  • Insurance policies for the move and your new house

These are some of the important documents that most people need to have. They are of the highest importance and you will need them to complete various tasks during your move. To keep them extra safe, we advise you to buy one of those plastic envelopes to make sure they don’t get damaged during the move. You can then put them in your backpack, suitcase or in the car.

Back-up clothes are a must for longer moves

If you plan on driving across several states it is a good idea to have fresh clothes by your side. Especially if you are moving during the hot summer months. Clean socks and underwear will help you relax when you make a stop to rest a bit. If you are moving long-distance check out the weather report for your destination and pack clothes accordingly. Maybe you will have to pack a jacket and warmer shoes. If you are traveling with your kids make sure to bring enough clothes for a few days.

pictures of clothes
If you plan on traveling for a few days bring some spare, dry clothes

Actually, you should pack clothes that will cover the first few days in your new home. Plenty of unpacking and cleaning awaits you, so you probably won’t have time to wash clothes.

Medicines and cosmetics are a must in the essentials box

To prevent digging through boxes, pack all the needed medicines in a small box that will always be easily accessible. This is especially true if you have some sort of regular therapy. Next, you should always have a roll of toilet paper or wipes for emergency cases. Basic hygiene items like toothbrushes, soaps, deodorants are all necessary for surviving these turbulent days. You will feel relieved on the first night in your new house knowing that these items are at hand. You will spare yourself from running to the store when you have so much important things on your mind.


Just like when going on camping bring a box of matches, flashlight, scissors, and a pocket knife. This might seem silly, but it is better to be prepared. After all, you will be without a regular home for a day or two. It is a smart idea to have everything with you. An emergency toolbox is another good idea, especially if you are traveling by car. You don’t want to get stranded on the road.

Food and refreshments

You will probably make a few stops to rest and eat something, but it is fundamental to have some snacks and beverages in your essentials box. Cold water or soda is a fantastic reward for a couple of hours of non-stop driving. Speaking of food, you can even pack some canned food to eat for dinner in your new home. Sandwiches are easy and cheap to make, they can last longer and they will drive the hunger away. It is a perfect solution when your kitchen is still unpacked. Or you can just order a pizza when you arrive.

picture of water bottles that must be a part of your essentials box
Water and some snacks are an obligatory part of your essentials box

One last piece of advice

Lastly, we would like to advise you not to overstuff your essentials box. Yes, we have named a lot of stuff here, but take only what you believe is truly necessary. This is why it is called essentials-only box. The trick is to find the balance between being covered for various situations and being mobile and functional. Keep everything organized and you will see that relocation is not such a troubling experience. We wish you a safe trip and many happy moments in your new home.

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