How to prepare appliances for relocation

Moving is one of those revelations when you realize just how much items you actually have and want to relocate with you. Appliances are one of those things definitely, and in order to relocate them properly, you should be fully prepared. We will provide you with this useful guide on how to prepare appliances for relocation, and we can certainly recommend excellent and professional packing services NYC. While we know that it is not easy to simply pack your entire home, we are absolutely sure that with the right knowledge, everything can go smooth and stress-free.

Check if your appliances work

Firstly, you should check whether your appliances work and if they are in good condition. If some of your appliances do not work properly, you should have them repaired. But, be aware of the financial side of this, calculate how much the repair and the transportation will cost you. If you can purchase a new appliance for the same or a similar amount of money, you can do that as well. The interstate movers NYC will relocate all your appliances and at affordable prices, however, if your items are in bad condition, you should rethink this.

a man carrying three boxes in his arms
If you prepare appliances for relocation on your own, be careful and read the manufacturer`s manual thoroughly

Contact the manufacturer

Before you actually move on to prepare appliances for relocation, contact the manufacturer. The reason for this is fairly simple, you should ask them if there is anything you need to know about relocating them. If you cannot reach the manufacturer, try online websites, you should be able to find the telephone number there. Also, if you have a manual from your appliances you may find some useful information there. It is important that every little step is seen through because otherwise, the appliances can damage.

It is time to prepare appliances for relocation

After you have checked the condition of your appliances and contacted the manufacturer for extra relocation tips, it is time to begin. There is no reason to feel stressed, you should just start on time. If you are feeling anxious before the move, prepare mentally for your upcoming move.  Then everything will be much easier.

in order to prepare appliances for relocation, you will need the following items:

  • Cleanser
  • A screwdriver
  • Packing tape


When you are preparing the fridge for relocation, it is essential to unplug it first for 24 hours. Once the fridge has defrosted, you should thoroughly clean it. This goes on for all the appliances that you are relocating. It is crucial that you clean the fridge thoroughly and dry it completely afterward. This is because you want to avoid any odor forming during the move. You should remove all the racks from it since they can move during the relocation and damage in the process. If you do not want to remove the containers and racks, you can simply tape them with the packing tape and ensure that they will not move. Most of the refrigerators have ice makers these days, so you should disconnect the waterline as well and let it dry completely.

a dishwasher machine and a drier one next to the other
Properly cleaning and drying your appliances is the most important thing you can do before the relocation


Stoves are a little bit trickier, but only if you have a gas stove. As with the fridge, clean it thoroughly. Remove all the racks or secure them with the packing tape. In case you have a gas stove, disconnect the gas very carefully. Here, the best advice is to contact the gas company. If someone from the gas company can come and help you disconnect the gas, that would be the best. You do not want to risk damaging the appliance or hurting yourself. You can also contact the manufacturer and ask if it is safe that you do it on your own. Once you do this, you can consider your stove to be one of the moving boxes. This is a great place that you can use as a moving box for the items that are not breakable, such as blankets, pillows, linen, and clothes.


When you prepare appliances for relocation, as we already mentioned it is necessary that you clean and dry them properly. This is true for the dishwasher as well. Remove all the dishes from it and then run one last cycle with an empty dishwasher. Let it dry and then remove all the racks. Drain your dishwasher before relocation. Once you close the door, tape them so that they do not open and close on their own during the relocation.

prepare appliances for relocation carefully especially if you have a gas stove
If you have a gas stove it is best to contact the gas company to disconnect everything properly

Washer and drier machines

As with the stove, it is best to contact the manufacturer here or read the manual thoroughly. One thing is sure, you need to remove the hoses safely from the machines. Then place them in a separate box or inside the machine cavity. This is the safest way to transport hoses. If you do not feel as if you are doing something right, consult a professional and they will gladly assist you.

Summing it all up

In order to avoid any damage to your appliances, you should unplug them at least 24 hours before the relocation. Clean them and dry them. Remove all the racks, secure all hoses. Read the manufacturer`s manual and hire help if necessary. Tape all the doors of your larger appliances. If you are relocating smaller appliances such as a toaster or a coffee maker, try to find the boxes from the original packaging. That is the best way to transport them without any damage. If you cannot find them, then simply use moving boxes, and place pillows or old newspaper for protection. Know that this will all pass fairly quickly and soon you will find yourself thinking about the best ways to unpack efficiently after moving.

If you want to prepare appliances for relocation in the safest manner, start on time. That way, nothing will come as a surprise. Use the Internet to help you find the manual or the manufacturer`s contact. Do not be afraid to ask, otherwise you may lose an appliance. Good luck!

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