How to prepare your employees for the move?

When you move an office, it takes more than just hiring Staten Island movers and moving to a new location. This is a huge change for everybody involved. Employees go through a change just like the business and the owner. This can change travel times, space they have to work with, and can lead to some employees lagging behind at work during the move. As a business owner, you must prepare your employees for the move and provide them with comfort during the process.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your employees for the move

Provide information about moving

The first thing you should do when moving a business to Queens┬áis to tell the company employees the details and reasons for the move. The best way to start a communication plan is to let everyone know what’s going on. Have a meeting, send a memo, or do whatever you need to communicate the need for moving to your employees and everyone involved.

Trying to prepare your employees for the move
Make sure everybody understand what exactly will be happening in the following couple of days

You should also determine how moving will affect the company and employees in the long run. Just to ensure that they are fully committed to moving the company. If moving affects an employee’s workflow or their daily commute, you might consider giving them something to compensate. Your role is to correctly determine what will happen during and after the move so you can prepare your employees for the relocation.

Help employees adapt to the move

You must clearly define the roles that each employee will play in moving the office. Inform them when and how to pack their office, and let them know if they have additional responsibilities. You can even help employees by allowing them a little indulgence in their work to reduce the stress of moving and give them enough time to adjust.

Tell employees where their new jobs will be located and if they will be working on the committee with other staff as this will help them mentally prepare for the move. You can organize a small meeting and clearly define the goals of the move, as well as what tasks or roles the employees should perform.

Show the excitement for the move

As a business owner, you need to show a lot of excitement about moving. If you are moving to a larger space or to a better location, it should be positive, exciting. Make the perfect moving playlist and enjoy the music with your employees while packing. This will go a long way in creating the mood of your employees. When you show excitement, they are also more likely to get on board and become agitated.

Hire a professional moving company

Nobody likes to pack, move, and unpack things. If you want your employees to organize the move, they may not be very happy about it. This can add additional pressure and stress to their workday. Instead, hire professional commercial movers NYC to pack, move, and unpack all of your belongings. This will help things run smoothly and employees will need to worry less about it.

Office movers NYC
Hiring professionals will also give you more time to prepare your employees for the move

It is very difficult to move from one office to another. Some stress cannot be avoided, but it can be minimized, so the above tips are essential. Our best advice is to start planning as early as possible. Call Tik Tok moving and storage NYC and we will help you with details, including how to best prepare your employees for the move.

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