How to prepare your pets for moving abroad

Moving out of the country is a giant leap for you in so many ways. It’s more complicated than a local move and demands extra planning and organizing. Even experienced movers won’t refuse extra help when moving far away. And if you’re traveling with a pet, there are several extra steps to take. Make sure to prepare your pets for moving abroad, as it’s also a huge change for them. As for the rest of the relocation challenges, choose the best services from moving and storage Queens, NY to have your transfer run smoothly! With proper care and attention, you’ll minimize any disturbance and provide safe travel for your pets.

What to consider before moving your pets internationally

The international move brings more preparations and research. Almost every moving aspect is subject to additional checkups so it’s of utmost importance to be well-informed on the country you’re moving to. The regulations and laws are different everywhere, at least in some areas, including pet transfer. Ease up the whole moving process with international movers NYC and spend more time preparing your pet for the move. Check out the most common things to bear in mind when preparing your dogs, cats, fish, or any other pet you may have:

  • Airline policy of pet transfer
  • Country regulation on the import of pets and animals
  • Detailed consultation with your vet about preparing pets for moving abroad
  • Adjusting to your pet’s individual needs the best you can

    A dog in the car front seat looking through the window
    Start preparing your buddy for the move as early as possible

How your pet fits into the means of transport you’ll be using for the move

If you’re relocating with your furry companions by plane, it’s essential to contact the related airline. They will advise of all the possibilities for transporting pets, depending on many factors. The animals sometimes must be placed separately from passengers in a special plane section. This is very important to discuss with the vet and prepare your loved ball of fur for this unusual experience. In the best-case scenario, you will be able to sit with your pet in a cabin, so make sure to investigate all options that the airline provides. Make the journey abroad as stress-free as possible for your pet.

If you have more exotic pets, the airline will inform you if and how it is possible to carry them. Some species might not be allowed to get into the plane at all, and this implies finding another way of transport. No matter how you’re going to travel, you can always count on the packing service provided by a reliable moving company. It’s a great help to have professional packers around when you have to deal with more delicate preparations. Your pet will be thankful for each moment spent preparing them for the move!

Check the new home country laws when traveling with your pet abroad

Each country has its regulations, and you’ll likely need certain certificates and forms to fill out before putting your pet in a travel crate. Do all the research and seek information from relevant institutions to assure you have everything prepared before the move. Your vet will also be able to help you get the necessary info for your pet, so schedule a separate visit to the vet and prepare all the questions you may have. Some of the demands for moving pets internationally can differ from domestic travels, so prevent any surprises by having it all set in due time.

A cat in a suitcase
Prepare your pets for moving abroad in a special carrier

Preparing your pet for moving abroad is a special task, so assistance with other moving activities is most welcome. Let the experts from moving services Queens, NY carry out the relocation for you! Leave the transfer of your household to the professionals and save time for preparing your furry little ones for the move. You know how much time it takes to plan and carry out the international move. Arrange the experienced movers so you can spend more quality time preparing your pet for the big change.

A thorough examination at vets is a top step for moving pets abroad

Don’t miss regular visits, and monitor your pet’s health condition more than usual sometime before the move. When checking your passport expiry date, make sure to verify that your pet’s documents are valid as well. Also, obtain the necessary vaccination paperwork and run all the tests that might be needed. Make a special folder with your furry friend’s travel and health documents, so you have it all in one place. In the moving fuss, things easily get lost or misplaced, so, ease up the relocation by keeping the papers ready to be shown at the customs at any point. Consult the vet about the means of transport and how it would affect your pet. Pick the least stressful option to minimize disturbance to your pet’s health and temper.

If you haven’t microchipped your pet yet, now is probably the time. Don’t leave this step for the last moment and prepare your pet for moving abroad enough time ahead. Most of the countries comply with microchips regulations so make sure to get this done.

Prepare your pets for moving abroad by maintaining their routine

This may be hard to accomplish, as traveling abroad is not the action you take every day. But there’s a lot you can do to make the transition as smooth as possible. One of the best tips is to try and keep the routine for your furry loved ones before, during, and after the move.

A girl playing with a dog on the room floor
Keep your pet surrounded by familiar stuff they love – a top tip for moving preparation!

Maintain old habits and introduce new ones

Follow your pet’s individual needs and try not to skip them. Also, get your pets familiar with the moving crate or box they’ll be traveling inside. Introduce the new item as early as possible and leave some treats or toys inside. Long-haul trips can be challenging for animals, so do everything you can to keep them calm during the move. Your pet’s toys, blanket, and any item they love will help make the journey more comfortable. Take their eating habits into account and give them enough food and water before the travel. Once you reach your new home, proceed with your pet’s usual activities and keep their favorite items nearby.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re going on a long trip with your pet. And if you’re changing your home, the challenge is even bigger, both for you and your furry friends. But worry not, as when you prepare your pets for moving abroad, everything comes to a lot easier. You know your buddy the best and this is just another adventure you’ll be taking together!

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