How to protect walls and floors when moving

Moving can sometimes be challenging. You have to plan everything and pay attention to details. And of course, you want to protect walls and floors when moving. Jersey City movers can help you with that. No matter if you are moving from another state or just a couple of blocks. You need a detailed plan in order to prepare for the relocation. You want to make as little damage as possible to the walls and doors in your current home.

Protect your walls and floors when moving

Think before you act. Make a detailed plan before you start to move your furniture. With no damage to your walls and injuries to yourself as well. Also, consider renting storage in case you cannot fit some items in your new home. Moving and storage queens NY that residence recommends can help. Check them out.

Clear exit path with open doors
Clear the exit path.

Here are some tips that will help you protect your walls:

  • Clear the exit paths in order to protect your walls and floors when moving – make sure that there is nothing blocking the path in your home. Such as boxes, smaller furniture pieces like chairs, or anything else.
  • Have enough helping hands – You are for sure going to need a minimum of 2 persons. And they will a large item without damaging the walls and floors. For much bigger pieces of furniture or appliances, you will need 4 persons.
  • Dress the right way – Make sure you wear comfortable shoes that are enclosed and provide good traction (anti-slip soles). Take off any large rings you may be wearing on your fingers that can get accidentally scraped against a wall and leave a mark on it.

Also, a great way to protect your walls is to disassemble your furniture if possible. There is less chance of damage if you pack it well. On the other hand, if you are not skilled enough, you can always hire professionals. And they have their own experienced packing service. That will do the job for you.

Other tips that will help

Be aware that the greatest danger comes from large household items, that can damage your walls and floors. If not treated carefully. Those are dressers, couches, tables. And appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher. One of the tips that will help prevent damages is blankets. They are the most efficient and most used items. The professionals also use them. You might check storage units in the city you move to. Just in case you cannot fit all your things in your new home.

Blankets in different colours and sizes.
Blankets are the most used items for protection.

Another great tip is to use a moving dolly for huge furniture pieces or any other bulky items. That can potentially damage your walls and floors. It is much easier to navigate around smaller doorways and tight corners. You can always go with option B, to hire some reliable movers that are skilled. And they will make your life a bit easier. In order to protect walls and floors when moving you have to be well-prepared. It can be challenging, but with the right plan, it will be a success.

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