How to protect your personal information when moving house

Moving can be difficult. First of all, you have to leave behind your old house, friends, and neighbors. Then, you have to organize your relocation. This means months and months spent in finding long distance moving companies NYC, packing supplies, moving equipment, etc. While you are busy packing your items, you might unintentionally expose your personal information. You probably know about identity theft and personal info leaking online. You should avoid it at all costs. Since you need to relocate, here is how you can protect your personal information when moving house.  

Protect your personal information when moving before the relocation 

Documents containing your personal info should not be moved by Bronx movers. Even if you hire reliable movers, you can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your information. What documents should you move or keep somewhere safe? First of all, if you plan to buy a house, you will probably get a mortgage. This means going to the bank and signing dozens of papers. All these documents contain your personal info. In addition to this, birth certificates, passports, insurance policies, social security cards, wills, financial documents, and similar, also have your personal info. For this reason, you can keep your personal documents at your bank. Some banks offer a safety deposit box. You can also find a shredding company. All the documents you no longer need should be destroyed.  

two women reading how to protect your personal information when moving
Read carefully before you sign any papers containing your personal info

Finding a moving company 

As mentioned, you should find a reliable moving company. Most people will try to search for it on Google. It is convenient and fast since you will receive multiple offers with one click. However, this is where you are the most vulnerable. By now, you probably have heard a thousand times that you should not leave your personal info online. This includes your name, address, phone number, photo, IP address, card numbers, etc. When you search for moving companies, be careful about what you are sharing online. Do not leave your information on moving companies’ websites. It is better if you contact them via phone or even visiting their head office personally. On the other hand, if you still want to check moving quotes online, make sure not to overshare. Usually, you will need to fill in your new and old location, the size of your home, and the email address.  

Protect your personal information when moving by not disclosing too much 

How not to disclose more than is necessary? Here are a couple of tips 

  • Do not leave additional info that you usually do not post online 
  • Make a strong password for your accounts 
  • Have two email address (for public and personal purposes) and use the public one for websites 
  • Do not disclose your location 
  • Give only the information that is required 

In addition to this, they are ways to protect your privacy online. First, check cookies. If you are not sure what are those, websites use cookies to store your information. Usually, they are quite harmless but they can be used for the wrong purposes. You can adjust your browser to inform you when a new cookie is installed. In addition to this, you should get a good anti-spyware program. This program will track cookies and help you to manage them. Most antivirus software offers this service. 

person using google
Be careful when you are using Google

Pay attention to your online presence and activity 

You cannot escape the digital world. People have become too dependent on their computers and phones. As you know, once you post something on your social media, it will stay there forever. When you are moving, you will probably move your electronics as well. For this reason, make sure to move your computer, phone, and other gadgets by yourself. It would be wise to log out of your social media accounts. When you are moving with kids, the process is the same. Make sure your kids are not oversharing. They should not make a public post about the relocation. Someone might get the wrong idea if they know your house will be empty. This piece of advice is not only applicable when you are moving. When you are traveling, you should not disclose your location or the fact that you are traveling. 

Protect your personal information when moving and packing 

After you protect your personal data before the move, now it is time to the same when packing. As mentioned, you should move the documents, not the movers. Since you need to pack one essential box, you can put your important documents here. Get one binder and place your documents in this binder. This way, you will know your personal info is safe. In addition to this, do not label your box with documents. You should write down NOT FOR MOVING or DO NOT TOUCH so your movers will leave it there. If you want to leave your documents in the storage, make sure to find a facility with the best safety measures. On your moving day, you should place your essential box in your car. If not, then set it aside where you can keep an eye on it. 

green hand in a yellow circle
Tell your movers not to touch your documents

After the move 

After you settle in, it is time to check everything. First, see if everyone is notified about your new address. Then, see if all the documents are in their place. Now it is time to pay attention to your computers. It would be wise to change all passwords. This can be a hassle so if you do not see any unusual activity, it is safe to assume no one hacked your accounts. However, you should check your name online. You can do this by googling it. If you see something strange, you can contact that page. Also, monitor your credit report monthly, just in case something strange appears. Lastly, do not use public or unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots. This is especially important if you want to check your bank balance. This is how you can protect your personal information when moving. 

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