How to recognize fake online moving reviews

Today you can find frauds almost everywhere. And the moving niche is not safe from it! Easy enough, you can see a lot of “good reviews” on the mover’s website and fall victim to their scam. And in the end, pay far more for your relocation than you should! In this article, you will find out how to recognize fake online moving reviews! They are not that hard to spot, because they all have the same characteristics. And we will tell you about them all! Just continue reading and you will learn more about it! Afterword, you will be able to choose a reliable and trustworthy moving company. Which is your goal, right?

Fake online reviews always have the same typing pattern

Let’s start with the beginning. Every fake online moving reviews have almost the same pattern. They all have so many nice words and only the best reviews. Let’s begin with basic human psychology! Those who are about to move are not that ecstatic and enthusiastic to do it! Especially after the move, when they are tired and exhausted! And you can almost feel that kind of energy in their comments. These fake moving reviews will only lead you to pay a lot more than you want! And, if they have the best moving reviews and are the cheapest one yet then feel free to skip that moving company. Most of the time their services are very bad and you can’t expect much from them.

People holding empty cards as fake online moving reviews
Fake online moving reviews have the same typing pattern

For example, when you have a lot of carpentry to move, you need to get a professional and reliable Blue Chip Service. With the help of the professionals, you can rest assured that your expensive carpentry won’t get damaged! On the other hand, any fraudulent moving company will only damage your belongings, and quite possibly blame it on you!

Bad reviews are obviously fake

Just like with the previous overly positive review, fake online moving reviews are easy to spot if they have too much negativity in them. You can spot them from a mile away! Because there are just too many negative scores and feedbacks that it doesn’t look like that company is even legal. For example, if you by any chance had a very bad experience with the moving company or something happened, you would tell more about it. You would write down the reasons behind the bad review as well as urge people not to take it lightly!

Image of positive, negative and ambivalent feedback
Too much negativity without a reason is a sure clue the moving review is fake

In negative reviews, you can see the absence of reason! There are just slandering and demeaning. Then they are written in the first name basis! Which is highly rude for a customer to do. There are ways to give feedback that you can learn. And these feedbacks you leave will help the future potential customers!

The moving companies often have legal issues or are illegal

The next thing you should notice when hiring a moving company with such “positive reviews” is their legal status. Most of the time, they either have some legal problems, or they do not have a license at all. In this kind of situations, you are very prone to frauds and can easily fall victim to them. There are no written contracts because they believe they can make a deal verbally. So, in the end, you won’t have any proof you agreed or didn’t agree on anything. This will lead to hidden costs and obviously overpaying your relocation.

Court hammer
Companies with fake moving reviews are almost always shady and illegal

There is an easy way to know if the company is shady or not. Check online for the companies USDOT number on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website! If the company has any legal issues, it will show on the website. If the company has a working license at all.

Avoiding scammers

Knowing this information won put you at risk of getting scammed from these types of moving companies. They always act friendly and are always eager to make a good deal. But, behind those kind words, there are always hidden agendas and plans. And most of the time, those agendas mean overpricing your relocation. Throughout the relocation process, they will constantly raise their prices and charge you with some fees you didn’t even know exist.

fake online moving reviews - Signs saying scam and fraud alert
Only scammers have fake online moving reviews

So, it is a good idea once you realize the moving reviews are fake, to avoid these fraudulent moving companies. There are also other ways to spot moving scammers you can use in order to protect yourself from this. Learn more about them and you will surely hire only the most professional movers!

Reviews don’t seem natural at all

Yes, you can spot this from a mile away! Most of the times, these reviews contain words or sentences that don’t make any sense! Furthermore, at that moment you can spot that it is not a human who wrote that reviews. It is a bot. Yes, today moving companies can pay for bots to write a review and places them on their websites. Positive reviews for themselves, and negative for competitors.

But, you can easily distinguish what are the fake profiles. They usually don’t have any profile pic, or if they do, all profile pics are very good and in high definition. This means that the picture is downloaded from the internet. Also, if you enter the profile, you may notice there is no history behind it. Or that the link behind the name leads nowhere. This is the first visual confirmation that you are dealing with fake online moving reviews!

When hiring moving companies there are a lot of things you need to worry about! One of those things is fake online moving reviews! They can easily lead you up to a scamming moving company and lose a lot of your money. We hope our article helped you spot fakers and scammers with easy! If you have any other tip to add to this, feel free to leave us your feedback!

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