How to reduce your carbon footprint when moving house

Investing in the environment is investing in your and your children’s future. You can’t change the world by yourself, but every journey begins with a single step, so doing your part is commendable. Because transportation of all kinds is the primary source of carbon emission, it is natural to attempt to reduce your carbon footprint when moving house. There are certain things you should do, but the first step should be hiring the best movers NYC provides who also believe in keeping the environment clean. Other than that, here are steps you can take that will help reduce your carbon footprint, both during the move and after relocating to your new home.

Good planning and organization reduces your carbon footprint

As with everything else you do, a solid plan should be the foundation. The carbon footprint of your move is directly related to how many trips or trucks are needed to relocate you. By planning ahead and minimizing the number of trips needed you will protect the environment. If you pack so that you optimize the space needed to transport your items, your movers will have to make fewer trips. In general, residential movers NYC need one moving truck to relocate a standard household. If you need more, see if you can re-pack your items so that they take up less space.

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The fewer trips your movers have to make, the lower the carbon footprint of your move.

Reduce your carbon footprint by downsizing the move

Besides packing properly, you can reduce your carbon footprint when moving by downsizing the move itself. Most people want to bring all of their belongings when they are moving. While this is understandable, ask yourself: is it necessary? Oftentimes, there are many large items you don’t need to take with you. For instance, if you have a large old cupboard that you barely use, is there a point in dragging it with you? Organizing a yard sale or donating it will allow you to downsize the move. The same applies to old electronics. If you don’t really need it, why take it with you? Recycle it or give it away. Besides reducing your carbon footprint, you will also be saving money, as the cost of the move is directly related to the size of it.

Hiring fuel-efficient trucks

In case you are moving without the assistance of professionals, it’s up to you to rent the moving truck. Ideally, you could get an electric-powered truck. However, that is not an option yet, but hopefully will be in the near future. What you can do is hire a fuel-efficient and well-maintained truck. You don’t have to be a mechanic to know what you are getting. You can contact movers Sunnyside NY and ask them how many gallons their trucks spend per mile. Do this with the other companies you may rent the truck from and compare the fuel consumption until you find one you are comfortable with.

Getting green and reusable packing supplies

The production of moving supplies requires energy that slowly pollutes the environment. In addition, a lot of the plastic doesn’t end up being recycled, causing additional pollution. You can reduce your carbon footprint when moving by getting green and reusable moving supplies. You can contact moving companies Long Island for advice if you don’t know where to get eco-friendly moving supplies. If you have any friends or acquaintances that have moved recently, you can ask them if they have any leftover moving supplies. More than likely, they don’t need them and will gladly give them away. Even if you have to buy it from them, it will surely be cheap. Once again, you’re not only protecting the environment but saving money.

A man and a woman packing their items.
Reusable packing supplies will reduce your carbon footprint when moving.

Cost-effective and eco-friendly tips for after the move

Once you have moved into your new house, there are many ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, but the two primary means are: reducing your energy output and recycling. The additional benefit is that both these will save you money in the long run, even if they require a bit of an investment. However, you don’t have to go the long route – you can start immediately. Don’t throw away your moving supplies but use them as household items. If you have cardboard boxes, you can make homes for your pets or let your children play with them. If you have plastic moving bins, they can be excellent containers for your items. Now, let’s deal with the rest.


There’s not much to say about recycling. It is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint, regardless of anything else you do. Once you pick up the habit, you’ll start recycling everywhere you go. Get in contact with your local recycling center and ask them for their policies so that you know which items can be recycled. Then, designate a trash can as a recycling can and put all of your recyclable items there. In general, all paper and many plastics can be recycled. For each item you buy, check the label to see if the containers are recyclable. You will quickly get the hang of it and recycling will become second nature.

How to reduce your carbon footprint when moving.
Recycling is the most direct method for reducing your carbon footprint.

Reducing your energy output

Heating, cooling, and energy consumption are the primary polluters in your home. The simplest solution to reduce your carbon footprint when moving to a new house is to be mindful of your everyday actions. Turning off any appliances you don’t use will conserve energy (and lower your electricity bill). For long-term solutions, consider insulating your home. Good insulation will make it much easier to heat your house during winter and cool it during summer. While insulating your house requires an initial investment, it will very quickly pay off. You’ll be surprised by how much less you have to pay each month if your home is insulated. These are only some of the ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, but there are many others. If you think of any creative solutions, don’t hesitate to apply them!

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