How to set up utilities in your new home before moving

You are moving again and you probably already know what is coming. You must organize, pack, and search for trustworthy Brooklyn movers to help you with your moving project. Also, you must meddle with all the services in your old and your new place. So, let us help you set up utilities in your new home before moving so you can have everything up and running the day you move in. Let’s go!

Set up utilities in your new home before moving – The full list of services you should think about

Before you set up utilities in your new home before moving you must make a list of all the services you are currently using. And you should add all services you intend to use in the future. Especially if you are moving to a bigger house. Of course, you will be guided by your personal preferences here. Your list can be miles long or contain only the basic ones. Those are electricity, gas, sewer, water, trash takeout, internet, and cable providers. Basically, mandatory services we all use on daily basis. More important is to check if the neighborhood and the building you are moving to can support your lifestyle. If you wish to use a certain provider, you should check beforehand. Maybe they are not supporting this area. Don’t be disappointed and check this well before moving.

A guy fixing internet cables
You will need your internet as soon as you move in. Ensure the service is activated on time.

Contact providers

After you figured out what you have and what you want, you should contact your providers. If you do not know where to find the contact info you can find it online or on the back of one of your utility bills. Simply give them a call and communicate all the details further. Note that most of the services can be transferred to your new address. It is a convenient way of keeping the service and it should be transferred and active within a week or even less.

One important piece of advice is to have a conversation with your new landlord. Or with the previous owner in case you are buying the place. Ensure that all previous services are canceled, paid for, and transferred adequately. You want to avoid receiving junk email in the future. And now when we mentioned mail and bills, you should set up a PO box as soon as you can. You want all your bills, magazines, newspaper, and mail rerouted the right way.

Take care of your personal documents as well

You are already contacting all your providers, and you should contact a few more. Yes, we are talking about your personal documents. You should double-check your medical records, school documents, bank documents, licenses, and personal ID. Add to the whole batch the moving documents and you are good to go. The goal is to review everything and update all relevant parties. Everything should be up to date and everyone aware of the change of address and contact info.

Call center agent speaking over the phone
Contact your service providers in due time and ensure your services are transferred adequately.


Ensure you have set up utilities in your new home before moving

Now, most of the hardcopies take a longer time to transfer. But the request you are submitting with your provided should be documented in the system. But no system is perfect. Therefore, you should follow up with a phone call or an email a few days after you submitted your request. You want to avoid any clerical or system errors that would keep your service on hold. Obviously, customer care should contact you in due time to fix the issue. But it might be too late. You do not want to settle in and wait for your Wi-Fi for weeks. Hence, contact your provider again and double-check if everything is in order and pending.

Ok, now you know how to set up utilities in your new home before moving. If you contact your providers on time you shouldn’t face any issues. Enjoy your relocation stress-free now when you know that this part is taken care of. All that is left to do now, is to pack and contact your Queens best movers. Enjoy the premium service, affordable, and safe relocation. Good luck.

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