How to settle in after moving from Fort Lee to Long Island City?

Moving from Fort Lee to Long Island City could have been an endeavor like none before. Moving is always pretty stressful, but luckily, most of us do it just a few times in our lifetimes. So, the hardest part is done! Now, all that’s left is getting to know your new surroundings and exploring Long Island City! As one of the best moving companies NYC, we’ve decided to show you some of our tips on how to settle into your new home. Let’s go, Long Island City is waiting!

Check your appliances

First off, some remnants of moving from Fort Lee to Long Island City. We’d suggest you take a look at all of your appliances and electronics and check to see if they work properly. If some damage happened during transport, you need to make an insurance claim. Why did we put this as the first thing to do? Well, because you never know just how long your insurance is valid! So, try and resist exploring as soon as you arrive, and just check the oven, microwave, computers, etc. Once you see everything is up and running, you can continue your life normally. Additionally, for any items that don’t fit into your home, NYC offers some of the best storage options.

NYC at night

Change your address and transfer utilities

We usually recommend doing this before the official move, but there are few downsides to doing it after your movers Fort Lee NJ finalize the move. Changing your address means updating all of your many official documents: ID, driver’s license, life insurance, etc. Don’t forget to contact your bank and notify them of your move and your changed address as well! You might also need to update your vehicle registration, but this usually applies only when moving out of the country. But, it’s better to ask around than assume.

Next up on your list of obligations is to transfer all of your necessary utilities and services. This includes gas, water, electricity, cable, phone, internet. The good news is that a lot of these services let people change information online and you might not need to go in person. This will save you time and effort!

Assemble a moving file

It’s important that you look over your document and keep all of your moving documents. You never know when you might need them again, or if you’ll need the insurance claim in the future. Assemble all these documents into one file and keep that file in a safe location. The most important documents to keep are the Bill of Lading and the payment receipt. Who knows, you might be able to claim your moving process on your next tax return! So, keep those receipts and always stay informed on your options.

A woman holding a file of documents
With all of your moving documents in one place, you’re set!

Download local apps

Now that we’ve covered everything related to the move, it’s time for you to explore your surroundings! A good way to go about that nowadays is to download local apps. There is bound to be a big variety of apps to choose from. All the way from food delivery apps to local maps, or some kind of public transport information apps. Chances are that whatever you need in the city, you can find an app for it. Also, consider looking at Facebook marketplace for some deals for your apartment and to see some of the people living near you.

Downloading these apps will make it possible for you to find your way around and explore as soon as your Long Island City movers relocate you. Don’t miss out!

Explore your neighborhood

After moving from Fort Lee to Long Island City, it’s time to begin your new life in Long Island City. The best way to settle in and get acclimated is by walking around your new neighborhood and seeing what it offers. A good thing to search for is small stores and shops that sell groceries or work 24/7. This way you’ll know how to go about preparing your meals and if you need your car to go get groceries. Some other things to keep your eyes peeled for include:

  • Pharmacy
  • Drug store
  • Gas station
  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants

Once you get an idea of the layout of the neighborhood, you’ll feel like you’re fitting right in.

Become a yes-man!

The best way to create a genuine and deep connection with people is to approach them with an open mind. Be open to unusual experiences, such as people walking up to you and starting up a conversation. If someone asks you to join them in a bar for a few drinks, go for it! You might discover the coolest bar ever, or make an amazing new friend. If your neighbors are organizing an event for everyone in the complex, say yes! If your coworkers decide to go to happy hour after work, say yes! Exposure to the city and to many people is one of the best ways you can get settled after moving from Fort Lee to Long Island City.

People doing cheers
Going out with coworkers or friends will help you build long-lasting friendships!

Give yourself time to get adjusted

Every one of us has a different adjustment period. Someone might be able to settle into their new home in the span of a month, someone might take a year. So, the point is to not be hard on yourself, because you need to listen to your mind and body to know when you’re settled in. The general average of getting used to new surroundings and new people is around 3 months. In about 6 months of living in Long Island City, you’ll most likely have the city completely figured out. You will even have your favorite places or some places where you’ve shared moments with loved ones!

It will take roughly a year after moving from Fort Lee to Long Island City for the city to truly feel like a home to you. In a year’s time, you’ve seen the city in all of its shapes. Around this time you know what to expect and you’re getting comfortable living in Long Island City.

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