How to speed up the packing process

Relocation can be a source of enormous stress, especially when you embark on this endeavor completely unprepared… Or unpacked. However, there’s an easy solution to this. Call your Brooklyn movers and ask about our packing services. With this, we’ll show you other ways to speed up the packing process. What to start with and what to think about when planning a move are just some of the frequently answered questions in this article.

Speed up the packing process before you even start packing

In order for relocation not to be a challenge, but an activity that will go in the best order, it is important to start on time. This means that even before you start packing, you should make a moving list and a packing list. As we said, it’s always the easiest answer to get packing services and go about your day. In this way, you will have more time to focus on other things or your loved ones.

couple trying to speed up the packing process
We’ll show you the best ways to speed up the packing process.

Remember, moving by van and moving by truck can be equally complex, regardless of the scope of things being moved. For example, you may need to move to Long Island but are not quite sure who to hire. Calling the first Long Island City moving company that pops in your browser can be a gamble. You need to read reviews, ask around, and start your preparation in the meantime. So, let’s see what are the best way to speed up the packing process.

Don’t procrastinate – start packing as soon as possible

If you know that moving is something that is necessary or is a definite decision you have made – you have nothing more to wait for. Start planning your move and packing as early as possible and don’t procrastinate! Relocation is often late precisely because the person who moves does not have enough time or desire to get ready on time.

Hire a moving company

You will most probably need to hire someone for your upcoming move. And Tik Tok Moving and storage is at your service. Of course, you can deal with everything related to moving on your own, and only hire a truck or van transport. Surely, you can also hire us to take care of the whole process of moving, from packing things to unpacking them. Hiring professionals will certainly make the whole process easier and faster.

Hiring professionals will certainly make the whole process easier and faster.

Start packing as early as possible

If you don’t hire moving professionals, or at least do not use the service packaging we offer, then this will be an activity that you will have to do on your own. The earlier you start packing, the more prepared and calm you will be. So start packing as soon as possible – and you’ll be surprised to see how many things you actually have!

Mark your boxes clearly

Although it seems quite obvious, this is a great reminder. It is very important that you mark the boxes in some way so that you know what is in each of them when unpacking. In this way, you will be able to better organize once you move You can do this by simply writing on the boxes, or just by marking the box with a number, and keeping records on paper what is in which box and with which number. Do remember to take care when you pack fragile items. Cracked foils or Styrofoam are the best solutions for packing, i.e. coating things that can break or crack when moving.

Pack your personal belongings in one box

You can pack things you use the most in one box. Here we mean all the personal things you use every day. Imagine the day after moving and it will be clear why this is important. You certainly won’t be unpacking 8 different boxes to find all the things you need on a regular day. So pack all those necessities in one box and you can thank us later.

Measure your furniture

Furniture should be able to pass through the door. So, measure any bulky items you own. If the item can’t pass through the door- disassembling is the only way to move it. That is why it is important that you already know which of the pieces of furniture you can take out. The ones cannot pass, you need to disassemble.

Make a plan of the space you are moving into

If you immediately create an image of what you want the new space you are moving into to look like, unpacking will be much easier. You will know exactly which piece of furniture to put in which room, as well as in which box there are things for which room.

Make a plan of your future space.

Strategically pack in a van or a truck

Not every means of transport is equally suitable for every move. If it is a matter of moving on a smaller scale, a van a completely regular choice. On the other hand, a moving truck is better for larger relocation. Inquire about all potential solutions and choose the best possible means of transportation. With this, when loading your boxes, make a loading plan. Put the boxes with the most important items on the front.

Save memories from your old home

The fact is that most people experience the process of moving very emotionally. After all, maybe some of the most beautiful memories were created in your former home. If you can’t keep all items that have sentimental value, try taking a photo. Saving a photo of the place where you lived is a perfect way to say goodbye. Happy moving!

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