How to spend a perfect NYC afternoon

Well, living in New York City is already perfect on its own. It is a city that never sleeps with a ton of options for fun activities. Whether you are in a large group of friends, or alone with your loved one, a large specter of activities will be offered to you by NYC. So if you are asking yourself how to spend a perfect NYC afternoon, look no more. We have some suggestions for you.

Exciting activities and places in NYC

If you are a huge sports fan like us, there is something for you as well. You are actually in luck as a New York City sports scene is gigantic! Yankee fan? Head to the stadium! You will be amazed by the size and magnificence of it. In NYC baseball is a culture on its own. Be sure to take some time to learn about the greatest baseball players of all time.

Baseball player catching a ball on a baseball game as a way to spend a perfect NYC afternoon
Spend a perfect NYC afternoon by watching baseball

If the adrenalin rush did not quite settle after the skydiving experience, we do have an ace up our sleeves. A helicopter ride! A breathtaking panoramic view b is waiting for you. Just make sure you call residential movers NYC after you decide to move here because of all the beauty you just saw.

Have fun by visiting galleries

Some of you may be that type of person who is always in search to gather fresh knowledge. Therefore, the museum of moving images may be the place to visit. The Museum is a place to visit, enjoy and educate yourself and your friends about the concept of art, history, and technology about movies. The museum of American Gangsters, however, is a bit different. It is a 2 room museum on the most notorious of the dark prohibition era, like Al Capone.

Speaking of Museums, Long Island’s Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium is a must if you are in need of advice on how to spend a perfect NYC afternoon. This masterpiece is registered in the National Register of historic places and is filled with artifacts from all around the globe. Long Island City moving company is to be contacted about transferring your belongings here once you’re in love with this place. Because after this visit, there is a huge chance you will want to stay there.

Girl sitting in a gallery watching exhibits
There are a lot of nice galleries in NYC you can visit

If you are an art fan, but more on the creative and active side of it, there are plenty of lounges across New Your City you can visit after your local NYC move. These lounges allow you to drink wine and paint while spending some quality time with friends. Why just look at some art? Make it yourself! If you think you’re not that good you can ask for an instructor to help. But we’re sure you will do great!

Fun activities if you and your friends are looking for excitement

If you and your friends are the types of people always in search of adrenaline, we do have some suggestions. A blood rushing indoor skydiving! You do not have the time to go outside of town? Or is the actual skydiving just not your cup of tea? Then indoor skydiving is definitely a must-visit. You will feel the rush of real skydiving, without the fear of something going off-plan. It is located in Westchester, and we think you should head there right now! How to spend a perfect NYC afternoon is a no brainer here. After your exciting experience, make sure to go and have a relaxing drink in some of the coolest bars in NYC.

indoor skydiving
You can enjoy indoor skydiving in NYC

If your inner child is tingling, we think it is time for some super fun adventures like an escape room! Gather your friends and start brainstorming to figure your way out of the messy situation and a ton of riddles. It is an ideal way to start off if you were asking yourself how to spend a perfect NYC afternoon. It will get you going! Or you can channel your inner spy kid and go on a mission into Spyspace!

New York City day with style

If you are just not that into adrenaline and games, New Tork City has something to offer for you too. You are not feeling adventuristic, so why not relax in thermal water? AIRE is a complex in an old building from the 1800s where visitors are treated like kings and queens they are. It is inspired by the old Rome, and that means it looks absolutely amazing.

How to spend a perfect NYC afternoon when you are on a budget

Here and there comes the time when you’re a bit short on money. It happens to everyone, but that does not mean you will have to spend those days at home. Search online and you will find some options on how to take up your free time without having to spend so much.

Here are some suggestions on  how to spend a perfect NYC afternoon when you’re short on cash:

  1. Ride the Staten Island Fery
  2. Visit the New York Public Library for some events
  3. Take a walk in Central Park
  4. Brooklyn Brewery tour
  5. Have a sit in the kayak over the Hudson
  6. Visit the Brooklyn botanic garden

It is not at all too bad when you’re short on cash. Because New York City offers a variety of activities, some of which are free of charge. And there are so many free activities that we are sure you will be back exploring them again.

spend a perfect NYC afternoon - Aerial view of Central Park
Enjoy taking a stroll in the Central Park

New York City is an amazing enormous place. Therefore, it is always on the move and there is not a chance you can be bored. Furthermore, whether you have no budget limit or you’re saving up now for something big, NYC has something for you. Pack everything you need in your backpack and be on your way to your new adventures! And be sure to call your mom and tell her you’re not gonna return home for a few days. We were happy to help you make up your mind on how to spend a perfect NYC afternoon.

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