How to spend the first week after moving to Jamaica NY

Moving is a process that many people dread. It is difficult and it will take a toll on you. Moving with Tik Tok moving and storage NYC will make the process significantly easier though. After you finish, and finally settle into your new home, how are you supposed to spend the first week after moving to Jamaica NY? Exploring the city is one option, but to do that, you need to learn a bit about it first. This guide will assist you in doing that by giving you some basic information and ideas on what to see and do.

General information about Jamaica, NY

Jamaica is a culturally diverse neighborhood in New York City. More precisely, it is in the part of the city known as Queens. It has a population of around 160,000 residents. In this part of the Big Apple, people enjoy an urban feel, and so will you after relocating with one of the movers Jamaica NY. As you might expect for a neighborhood like this, most people rent their homes. For entertainments, there are lots of options, from bars and restaurants to parks. With so many options, you can pick how to spend the first week after moving to Jamaica NY. Here are some possibilities:

  • The Prospect cemetery
  • Schmid’s Candy
  • Maloney’s
Woman moving a cardboard box
All you will want to do after the relocation is relax

The Prospect Cemetery

A cemetery probably isn’t in the top 10 on anyone’s bucket list, but this one is different, and you should visit it after relocating with some local movers Queens NY. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in NYC and it represents the history of the Queens borough. The earliest record of the cemetery that was found is from the 1600s, and it was land that belonged to the Indians. Since then, a lot of things happened on these grounds. An important site in this cemetery is a beautiful 19-nth century chapel. If you are a history lover, this will be right up your alley.

Schmid’s Candy

After finishing a long-distance move with one of the international movers NYC, your body will probably crave something sweet. This family-owned business is the right place in that case. It has been up and running for a century now. You can try old-fashioned German chocolate or a more decadent handmade cluster. If that is not something you like, freshly poured chocolate in all shapes and sizes is probably something that will spark your interest.


Maloney’s Sports Bar and Grill is a perfect spot for anyone who enjoys having a drink while watching a game. This one bar has 50 TV-s, and because of that, there are no bad seats here. This bar has specials on food and drinks every single day of the week. If you really get to love your new neighborhood of Jamaica and this bar, you can even rent the rooftop to host a private party. It is simply a brilliant spot for everyone who wants to casually hang out with their friends.

Friends celebrating after they decided how to spend the first week after moving to Jamaica NY
This bar is the perfect spot for a get together with friends

How to spend the first week after moving to Jamaica NY – conclusion

As you can see, there are different ways you can spend the first week after moving to Jamaica NY. Apart from the ones listed, there are obviously more things to do, for everyone’s taste. We wish you a pleasant stay in New York!


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