How to stage your apartment for sale

You decided on selling your old home and moving into a better one. But before you can move to greener pastures, you should pull out the highest number from your previous investment. The best way to do it is to stage your apartment for sale. If you invest a bit more, you can get a better price and boost your moving and settling in budget immensely. So, let us help you cover this process quickly and prepare you for this journey.

Wrap up your moving plan before you stage your apartment for sale

Maybe you can’t move before you sell your old place. But at least you can create a moving checklist and a moving plan that will wait for the right moment. So, before you call your Queens movers you must inspect everything and obtain the basic info. Check your environment and your cargo to figure out how hard it will be. This way you will know how many pieces of furniture you must move. Also, how much packing materials you must purchase.

After you have the basic info, you can begin calculating your moving budget. This is a moment to start looking for Westchester movers and check if they are available on your moving date. More importantly, to check if they have the following:

  • Permits and licenses
  • Tools
  • Equipment
  • Knowledge

Do this beforehand and when the time comes, you will simply pull out your moving plan and start packing.

stage your apartment for sale with one of the staging services
Staging services can provide you with unique pieces that will boost your sale.

You can use professional staging services as well

If you do not know how to stage your apartment for sale and set everything up nicely, you should consider using professional staging services. It is a simple process. They will come over, evaluate and inspect the whole environment, note everything down, and provide a final estimate. Yes, you will pay for this service but investing a bit more is always wise if, in the end, you will get much more. What is amazing here is that they will remove all your old furniture and bring in the complete setup. This process will make your home look like one of those dreamy and new apartments from the movies. Think about it and decide when ready.


If you want to do this one right, you should follow trends in the real estate business. Focus on the online advertisement and post a few pictures on one of the local websites. Also, create a page on social media where people can browse your home online and check everything before they visit. And you are probably using a realtor or a real estate agent to sell your home. If you do, consult with them if they have a few tips on how to improve your curb appeal, advertisement, and staging in general.

Stage your apartment for sale while you are still in there

You do not have to move out to sell your home. But simply stage everything you like and free the schedule for the buyer. Send your family out for a walk for an hour or two and let the buyer check out everything in peace and quiet. You can even create an open house with a few snacks and beverages. This way you’ll attract mover customers and even your neighbors can visit when they like. Do it over the weekend when everyone is free.

A family home on sale
Put up a sign and make an open house. Spend some time with the customers and neighbors.

The storage unit will help you a lot

Another great way to empty your home and prepare it for staging is if you decide on renting a storage unit. This method is proven useful for staging, renovating, and remodeling. Simply transfer all your furniture and excess belongings to the unit until you sell your home. It can be a short-term investment or a long-distance run. Whatever you prefer better.

Note that you should carefully move your wooden furniture and other belongings. If you want them to reach the storage unit unharmed, you must know how to do it right. If not, maybe you should match this process with your moving date and let your movers relocate everything safely. You will figure it out for sure.

Now you know how to stage your apartment for sale. Your situation will tell you if this is going to be extremely hard or fairly easy. If you must stay in your home until it is sold, then it can be tricky. At least now you have a plan and you can organize in advance. We wish you the best of luck and to sell your home quickly. Take care.

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