How to store shoes safely

We often tend to hoard a lot of items like shoes and wardrobe in our homes. Once we run out of space it can be tricky to store and keep them safe. There is not much effort to put in if you want to store shoes safely. You will just need to get some proper materials and be creative.

Find propper boxes

If you want to store shoes safely they should be placed in a box. Some people love to keep the original boxes and that would do the trick. That would also be great for packing them before Queens movers arrive to move you out. On the other hand, if you tossed them away, do not worry. Storing the shoes can be also done in regular cardboard boxes if you do not put them under heavy items. You can also use plastic containers as well. They work amazingly and protect items from all sorts of od damage. So, if you are thinking about storing them somewhere moist, consider using plastic containers. Your shoes will be well protected.

Original shoe boxes used to store shoes safely
You can store shoes safely in their original boxes

Clean your shoes well

Before storing your shoes, or anything else, you should first properly clean them. Depending on the material, you can find a lot of different types of cleaners. Be careful because not all materials can be treated the same. Cleaning leather boots is a lot different from cleaning your sneakers. Always use proper materials, brushes, and cleaners, and inform yourself about the methods of cleaning your shoes. If you store dirty shoes, all the dust will stick and you won’t be able to clean them after. The same goes for moving them with movers Jackson Heights NY.  Stuffing your shoes is also important as well. Do not let them squish over time. If you do not have a wooden shoe insert, you can also use the newspaper as well.

Store shoes safely on a shelf

Storing shoes on a shelf is also an option of you do not want to crowd your storage areas. Storing shoes on a shelf or a rack is just the last step of the process. You will still need to properly clean your shoes and stuff them so they don’t bulge. If the shelf is too small, consider using ziplock bags instead of boxes. They will also protect your shoes but won’t take that much space. One of the best choices here is to get plastic boxes and bins. There are many benefits to using plastic bins when moving. And they will certainly protect your shoes.

half filled shelves
Shelves are always a good solution for shoe storing

No matter the method you choose, always make sure your shoes are protected. Even dust piling over time can damage them. There are a lot of interesting shelf designs for you to consider storing your shoes in.. If they are leather, make sure you put some cream on them from time to time. This will protect the leather from breaking and make your shoes last longer.

With everything you store long term, you need to have a technique. Take your time to ensure your shoes last longer and are beautiful even after long time storage. Shoes deserve the time to be invested in keeping them safe.

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