How to store wooden furniture

Did you get new furniture for your home? Then, you must store or throw away your old ones. However, maybe your old wooden furniture is still in perfect condition, then you can reuse them again for a different occasion. For this reason, you should store the wooden furniture that you own for a longer period of time. But you will have to follow certain steps in order not do cause damage to your wooden pieces. That is why you should follow a guide so your furniture would remain in the perfect condition. 

Find a good storage unit 

Finding a good storage unit would one of the most important steps in preparing your furniture for storage. Even if you packed and secured them in the right way, if the storage unit is in bad condition, your furniture will get damaged. For this reason, you should be careful when renting a storage unit. You need to call several companies to see what they offer. 

a person pointing at the screen
Find good storage units online

In addition to this, pay attention to reviews and ratings people leave about them. This will give you a pretty accurate picture of what you can expect from them. Apart from this, make sure to visit each unit for inspection. They need to be clean and dry since these two factors will ensure the safety of your furniture. 

How to store wooden furniture – start by cleaning them 

When you want to store wooden furniture, they have to be clean, so dirty pieces are not allowed. If you clean your furniture, you will significantly decrease the chance of mold damaging your furniture. In addition to this, the unpleasant smell will spread to nearby storage units, which may cause you some unnecessary trouble. However, if you are not sure how to clean your wooden furniture, here are some basic steps. You have to use mild soap and water. Also, for all fabric-like parts of your furniture, use fabric or upholstery cleaner and make sure it is completely dry. Lastly, polish metal pieces with a polishing cloth and metal cleaner. This is good for removing existing oxidation and it would further delay the build-up of tarnish. 

After a good scrub, take everything apart 

It is not economical to store wooden furniture in its original size. Most wooden pieces are quite large. They will take up too much space in your storage unit, which will force you to rent a bigger unit. This is quite unpractical since you will pay for the additional space you do not actually need. 

a desk and a chair
Disassemble your furniture

For this reason, the first advice moving company will give you is to disassemble every piece of wooden furniture that you can. For example, bookshelves, tables, bed frames, desks, chairs, and so on. When you start to disassemble the furniture, make sure not to lose any bolts or screws. It would be wise to put these small items into bags. In order to be even more organized, you can label these bags so you will know where they belong. In addition to this, put these bags next to the disassembled pieces. This will make the process of putting them together easier for you. 

Store wooden furniture after you have wrapped them 

Before you store wooden furniture, you have to secure the floor of your storage unit. You should lay down thick plastic cover on the floor to protect your furniture from moisture. This step is not necessary if you have a climate-controlled storage unit. In addition to the floor, you have to cover your furniture as well, just like professional packing services do it. Use blankets, old sheets to protect them from dust and moisture. It is important not to use the same covers as for the floor because this will keep the moisture in. Your furniture should be able to breathe so make sure you loosely put the cover material. 

Protect the glass parts of your wooden furniture 

Some wooden pieces can have glass parts as well. They will require special treatment. You should wrap those parts with packing paper and secure it with a tape. However, do not tape directly to the glass since it may leave a nasty mark on it. In addition to this, you should also wrap the pieces in bubble wrap for the extra layer of protection. Then, put it in the box. The box should be approximately the size of the glass part, and make sure it is relatively flat. 

Raise it off the floor and don’t leave anything inside 

Unless you rent a climate-controlled unit, avoid storing wooden furniture on the floor. You can place them on the floor but only if you protect it first. Otherwise, you can use pallets or cinder blocks to raise wooden furniture off the floor. In addition to this, do not leave anything inside your wooden furniture, especially the food. If you want to store wooden cupboards, check if they are completely clean and empty. Perishable food will only attract bugs and rats. This is way, perishable food is one of the items you cannot store in a unit. 

when you store wooden furniture, make sure you empty your cupboards
Make sure your wooden furniture is empty

Do not put too many pieces of furniture 

The best advice one can give you about storing your wooden furniture is to avoid cramming too much inside one storage unit. Make sure all the pieces have enough place so they will not get damaged. You should first place the largest pieces then proceed to the small ones. In addition to this, make sure you have enough space to move around. In summary, here is a short checklist of the things you must do when you want to store wooden furniture. 

  • Find a storage unit 
  • Clean your furniture  
  • Disassemble your wooden furniture 
  • Wrap the pieces 
  • Protect glass parts 
  • Raise furniture off the floor and do not leave food inside 
  • Make sure to organize your unit correctly 

To conclude

As you can see, it is not that difficult to store wooden furniture. Just make sure to follow all the steps. That way you will make sure all your furniture pieces remain safe and sound.

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