How to store your boat in the off-season

Modern life is composed of lots of work and stressful situations, and people are in desperate need of some hobby in order to cope with everyday problems. Some of us turn to art and cultural manifestations, other to extreme sports or some peaceful activities like fishing. Another great way for a healthy dose of escapism is to have a boat and to spend a quiet weekend cruising down the river or seashore. One of the problems of having a boat is where to keep it off-season. To protect it from harsh weather conditions or theft you need to find some sort of shelter for it. In this article, we will present a few ideas to help you store your boat in the off-season. Your best bet is to explore storage NYC and see what deals you have at disposal, but let’s discuss that in detail.

Use your backyard to store your boat in the off-season

If you are looking at saving some money, besides deducting moving expenses, this is the cheapest possible option. You need a trailer with wheels to put your boat on it and sufficient space in your backyard. That’s pretty much it. You could also invest in some sort of rubber cover to protect your boat from the natural elements.

Picture of boats in backyard
Parking your boat in your backyard is one of the cheapest possibilities

But this option comes with few downsides:

  • Weather conditions. Even though you pulled your boat out of the water it will still be exposed to harsh weather conditions. Boat covers typically don’t cover the bottom of the boat so it will be vulnerable. It has to sit there for several months of heavy rain, snow, wind, frost, and occasional sunshine. The effect of this is fading of the paint, cracks due to temperatures below zero, and the weather can damage the tires of the trailer.
  • You might be living in a peaceful and secure neighborhood, but when your boat is exposed every day it can become an easy target for thieves and vandals. For this reason, you should install some sort of surveillance system or invest in quality locks and alarms.
  • When the winter comes bugs and rodents like mice or rats will be looking for a cover from freezing temperatures. And these tiny creatures perceive your boat as the perfect hiding place. Maybe you don’t mind them staying there because you feel sorry for them, but know that they can damage wooden parts of your precious boat.
  • You have to go through all the procedures of pulling the boat out of the water to towing it back to your house. It is a bit of nuisance. But if you decide to shell out a couple of dollars more you can hire commercial movers NYC to do this for you. Reputable moving agencies have all the necessary tools and experience to deal with any task.

Store your boat in your garage

If you are living in a suburban area and you have a house with a big garage this is most certainly a better option than keeping it outside. Weather conditions we mentioned above don’t apply here, so you can get that worry out of the picture. This option is actually even less expensive than backyard option as you don’t need to buy the cover which can cost over 100$. If you decide to use your garage to store your boat in the off-season you will also face several problems. The most obvious one is the reduction of your garage space. Where will you keep your tools, car, mower and other bulky items, no matter how good you are in decluttering your home? Next, it will still be exposed to pests as they find a way into close spaces regularly.

Picture of boats in a marina
Leaving your boat docked in a marina is expensive but you don’t have to worry about transportation

Rent a storage unit for this purpose

Unites States have a huge market for storage units, so finding one shouldn’t present a hard task. If you decide to proceed with this option be sure to check out some key factors. Security is your biggest worry so inspect if they have quality surveillance systems, locks and security guards working night shifts. If the agency you chose ticks all the right boxes, you will still have a lot of work. First of all, you need to check if the storage unit is big enough for your boat. Owners of larger boats will have trouble finding storage that has enough space for an item of such size. On the other hand, bigger storage units equal to bigger renting expenses.

Don’t store your boat in the off-season

Yes, you can leave your boat docked in the marina during the winter. This is the best option for those who have boats big enough to be considered ships. This is not a cheap option because docking fees can be very high depending on where you live and the reputation of the marina. The size and length of your boat will also be taken into account. On top of expensive docking fees and questionable security, your boat will be exposed to weather conditions and sea pests such as barnacles. But what you do get is accessibility. You don’t have to organize the transportation of your boat and it will be ready and waiting when the spring comes. You just need to take all the steps to prepare your boat for the winter.

Picture of dry docks where you could store your boat in the off-season
Dry Docks are a very convenient way to store your boat in the off-season

Rent a dry stack for the winter

Coastal areas have a large offering of dry stacks, but usually, the demand is also high so might have trouble finding one. You will probably have to book in advance. By doing this will get the same accessibility as with docking. You won’t have to worry about barnacles and weather conditions if dry stacks are indoor. Transportation is also not an obstacle because dry stacks are usually close to marinas and water. Naturally, you will have to pay a higher fee as dry stack rents go from 400$ and more.

No matter which option you choose to store your boat in the off-season, you should go and check if everything is okay from time to time.

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