How to transfer utilities when moving to West Point NY

If one can single out the most useful thing when it comes to moving, it would definitely be the making of a to-do list. In this way, you will never forget to transfer utilities when moving to West Point NY. Because, in reality, moving is not that hard it is eventually over. However, when you finally step into your new home and realize that you do not have water or electricity, it may seriously decrease your level of happiness. We say that moving is not that hard, because movers West Point NY make it a lot easier than it has to be.

transfer utilities when moving to West Point NY easily. A living room with a couch, TV, armchair during the day
It is important to transfer utilities when moving to West Point NY on time.

Where to begin when you want to transfer utilities when moving to West Point NY?

First of all, you should allow yourself enough time to finish everything without any hurry. It is best if you set this process in motion three weeks before the actual move. On one hand, you will not forget it, and on the other hand, you will have plenty of time if something goes wrong. When you want to transfer utilities when moving to West Point NY, you should leave the utilities until the day after you move. Also, the utilities should be working at least one day before you move into your new home with the help of the Staten Island movers.

Revise the list of all utilities that you are currently using

The list of utilities is long and most of them you will definitely need in your new house. But do not worry, you will have a lot of fun things to do in West Point NY as well. Check the bills from the previous months and capture what utilities you are using. In West Point NY, you will have the option to take on the following utilities:

  • water
  • gas
  • electricity
  • sewer drainage
  • garbage collection (taken out every Thursday)
  • the Internet
  • TV
  • telephone

You will need all of these in your new home, however, think about whether you need the most expensive TV package. If you do not watch television or do not use the Internet as much, think about canceling them or moving to a less expensive offer. When you want to transfer utilities when moving to West Point NY, bear in mind that bills arrive on the 1st of the month for the previous month. You will have 24 days to pay the bills, and if you do it later you will be charged a $15 late fee.

mixer tap
If you do not have tap water or electricity it is because you did not transfer the utilities, so make sure to avoid this

Activation of utilities in West Point NY

When activating utilities in West Point NY, it is vital that you are a homeowner. If you are not, contact your landlord and ask him to do it for you. If you own a home in this city, there is an application form you need to fill out. They ask you for your new address, date, driver`s license, social security, and phone numbers. The same goes for the co-applicant, and also they ask you for emergency contact. If you want to put an account to your name, you will have to pay for a $60 deposit, which is returned to you on your final bill.

Check HOA (Homeowner Association)

If HOA exists in your area, then you will likely not pay separately for each utility. There would be one bill covering most of the utilities, which has a lot of benefits. It is much easier to pay one or two bills rather than 5 or 6. Furthermore, you will not forget to pay some bills or pile up bills for no reason. Utilities in West Point NY can be paid online which is excellent news. Modern times bring us the option to pay all the bills without even having to leave the comfort of our beds. Transfer utilities when moving to West Point NY easily with the help of the city association.

Before you move in your new home in West Point NY

  • Make sure to check your meters in your old home. In this way, you will know exactly how much have you spend and what are the exact readings on the meters. Take photos of the meters and save them, you can even send them to yourself in an e-mail do that they do not get lost. In case of any discrepancy, you will have a valid proof to prove otherwise.
  • ┬áCall the service providers to check if you have some unpaid bills. You do not want to move to your new home with old bills and fines that you would eventually pay.
  • Return the equipment. If you need to return the router, call your service provider and ask them what to do and when to return it.
  • See if you can get the deposit back.
empty house with a view to the pool
Arriving to an empty house with no Internet or cable TV is not fun at all

Make sure that everything is working before you move

Do not assume that the utilities are up and running in your new place. Seriously, there is nothing worse than entering an empty house, with no cable, or electricity. There are other ways to meet new neighbors. Call each service provider at least 2 days before you move in to see how everything is going. Be prepared for any issues and calmly resolve one thing at a time.

Transfer utilities when moving to West Point NY on time, and get informed everything that can become a problem. If you are not a homeowner, get in touch with your landlord regarding this. Avoid any unpleasant surprises by focusing on problem-solving, and then move on to packing and other important things you need to do when moving. It is also important to remember that you will feel tremendously happier and calmer in your new home once you settle down. Good luck!

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