How to unpack efficiently after moving

Somehow, it is always packing that gets a bigger portion of the attention when relocating. However, it is very important to unpack efficiently after moving. It should be dealt with in an efficient way, and we are here to show you how. Nobody wants to see the boxes (or fall over them) a few months after the move. If you leave just a few hours every day for the unpacking process, it will be over in less than ten days. Even with long-distance moving, we are sure that you will be able to unpack efficiently after moving, especially if you worked with great interstate movers NYC.

Start by cleaning the whole house

This is a unique opportunity to clean the whole house before you place any stuff in it. It will not take you a lot of time, because it will mostly revolve around vacuuming and dust cleaning. Therefore, the first items that you should unpack efficiently after moving are the cleaning supplies. Then, instruct the movers to place labeled boxes in each room where they belong. This will save you a lot of time and physical work as well. You should save your energy for the unpacking process. If you used the perfect professional packing services NYC, you will not have troubles at all when finding what you need.

unpack efficiently after the move in an empty room
Before you unpack efficiently after the move, you will be able to clean the whole house while it is empty, this is a rare opportunity that should not be neglected

Move on to the kitchen

Kitchen is high on top of the rooms you need to unpack first. In your essentials boxes, ideally, you have already packed the most important items for the kitchen. Take out the plates, utensils, pans, and pots. Prior to that, plug in all the appliances. Take out the coffee pot and the toaster. If you brought any food with you, put it in the fridge. You can fill out the cupboards immediately with the rest of the dishware, however, you can leave it for another day and move on to unpack the bathroom.

all white bathroom with the doors opened
Unpacking the bathroom efficiently is great because all the furniture is already set up

Continue with the bathroom

The bathroom is great when it comes to unpacking. It is already set up for use, so you will not have to rearrange anything or assemble furniture. Find the boxes with the items for the bathroom. It should contain the following:

  • towels
  • medications
  • all products for body care
  • soap
  • toothpaste and toothbrushes

Once you unpack efficiently after moving as far as the bathroom and kitchen are concerned, you will feel happy. These are already two rooms that are ready for usage, and you will have a sense of completion. You will be able to make yourself a coffee and take a long or quick shower whenever you want, which is very important. Now, once you finish room by room, you will notice that you have empty moving boxes. Check out what to do with the leftover moving boxes.

Unpack efficiently after the move in the bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. After a long and exhausting day of moving, unpacking will make you even more tired. Luckily unpacking the bedroom is fairly easy and fast. Firstly, find the box that contains the linen and pillows in order to unpack efficiently after moving. Placing the linen on your bed will definitely make you feel like you are home. You will be able to take a nap whenever you want. Of course, if you do not feel like sleeping, you can certainly visit some of the best rooftop bars in NYC.

As far as clothing is concerned, check out your wardrobes. Do you need to install shelving and organizers? If so, do that first prior to opening the boxes, as it will make the whole process much more simple. You would also avoid piling up clothes on your bed or on the floor.

an empty wardrobe across the whole room
If you need to install shelves and organizers in the wardrobe, do not take out the clothes until you finish

Living room – last but not the least

We know that there is nothing that you would rather do than turn on your TV and get comfortable on your sofa as soon as possible. You are almost there. If you need to assemble furniture and you are not really sure whether you can do, you can hire professional movers to do it for you. Shelves, sofas, pianos and similar large furniture can sometimes best be handled by professionals.

Once the furniture is assembled, it is time to make the living room your favorite place to be. Carefully take out all the frames, vases, souvenirs and books. You should take some time to plan where everything will go because you do not want to unpack twice. Hang on the frames with the pictures of your family. Place the books on the shelves. Fill out the vases with some fresh flowers. Place the souvenirs across the living room, so that the room truly feels like home.

Utility rooms

Utility rooms are, of course, very important. However, they are not among the rooms that you will use on a daily basis. That is why you can even postpone unpacking efficiently after the move when it comes to the garage, basement or attic. You can take out only the most important things, such as items that you will use for your car, gardening tools, cleaning supplies and grill. After that, you will not have much more to do, so you will definitely feel relaxed and ready for another round of unpacking.

In order to unpack efficiently after moving, time is of the essence. Firstly, you should take out the essentials, and only then move on to the other items. If you can delegate unpacking among members of the family, it will go even smoother. But, the most important thing is for you to have fun and enjoy the making of your new home. Good luck!

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