How to unpack with a toddler

After a huge move, unpacking is both exhilarating and tiring. You get to decorate your new house exactly as you want, but you’re probably too exhausted to do it all. It’s not until you’ve unpacked and organized all of your belongings that you’ll be able to properly appreciate your new home. And if you have children, unpacking becomes much more urgent — to guarantee their safety, comfort, and happiness, as well as to help them feel at ease in their new environment. Additionally, it gets significantly more challenging – even more so if your children are still very small. In today’s post we’ll share everything we know about how to unpack with a toddler. In case you need any moving services as well, know that Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens is always here for you.

How to unpack with a toddler?

While little children are incredibly charming, if their needs are not handled immediately – much more so when they are already exhausted and agitated from the migration – they can rapidly become grumpy. You must have the new home completely furnished and ready for them as quickly as possible. At the same time, little children require constant attention and care. They are curious and unpredictable, and you cannot simply leave them alone while you finish unpacking. This is why we highly recommend that you take a look at our packing services NYC. Our professional movers and packers are able to take a lot of stress off your shoulders.

trying to unpack with a toddler while toddler is going over the fence
Moving with a toddler is always challenging, so be prepared.

1. Begin by unpacking the toddler’s room

Your child will feel safest (and happiest) in their own room, surrounded by familiar objects and toys. So first unpack the toddler’s room — the nursery. Set up your toddler’s bed and get their essentials out of the boxes. This way, you’ll have quick access to everything you need to care for your toddler and a safe play place for them.

2. Maintain your toddler’s schedule

To keep your toddler quiet and secure, keep their schedule as normal as possible while unpacking – put them to bed at the same time, feed them at the same time, let them watch their usual cartoons, and play their usual games. In short, try to unpack with your toddler’s routine in mind. You can get your high-quality packing supplies Queens NY on this page.

3. Unpack during naps and at night

Unpacking boxes with a toddler is difficult since your curious, energetic youngster will occupy your time and prevent you from getting much work done. So, try to unpack as much as you can when your child is sleeping – both at night and during naps. When your child is in bed, you may relax and focus on your job. If you just unpack during your child’s naps, your stuff will remain in their moving boxes for months. That won’t do – you’ll need your stuff, and a house full of boxes won’t seem like a home. You’ll need to complete unpacking quickly, so work while your toddler is awake and active.

toddler napping
It’s difficult to unpack with a toddler around, so pack during their nap time instead.

4. Ensure your toddler’s safety

Keep your little child occupied and secure so you can focus on unpacking. Creating safe zones in other sections of the house is also possible – cover the floor with a soft carpet or rug, remove all potential threats from the area, and install safety gates to keep your child contained in the safe zone. This way, your child may safely play in the room you’re unpacking while you can keep an eye on them. Toys (dolls, plush animals, wooden blocks) and get to work! Your child will be delighted for a long time with a new toy, so you can make more progress. Fill many small containers with various toys and switch them out every 20-30 minutes to keep your child entertained. (See also: Moving toys.)

5. Let them pack some of their toys

Unpack your toddler’s soft toys. Your toddler may be too little to assist you, but you may still include them by giving them a box of soft toys. The small one will be thrilled to see their soft toys inside the package. It will keep your toddler entertained for a while until all the plushies are out and your little angel starts playing with them. There will be one less box to unpack and your child will be entertained for an hour or so, allowing you to work. (Related: Moving plush toys) Leave an empty box for your youngster. In addition to the novelty of a cardboard box, your child will enjoy playing with it. If the package has any packaging materials that might be hazardous to your child, remove them before giving them to your kid.

6. Always have snacks

As previously said, you should preserve your toddler’s mealtime routine, although some extra snacks throughout the day are OK. Treats are always appreciated and will keep your child entertained while you unload. You can take a look at these healthy snacks for little kids and try them out.

7. Watch what you drop!

The temptation to unpack and leave items on the floor until you decide where to place them may be strong. Keep in mind that if you leave something on the floor, your toddler will certainly pick it up, destroy it, or injure themselves with it. You need to babyproof your house as soon as you get there.

8. Keep your toddler occupied

To unpack with a toddler, use the preceding tips, but have someone watch your child while you work. If you can, take your kid to their grandparents’ house; you can focus on your job knowing that your little angel is secure and properly looked for; your child will be thrilled to be with people they know in a familiar area.  And the grandparents will be happy to spend time with their grandson. Or if you can’t do that, just give them a coloring book or some playdough to keep them occupied.

a toddler holding crayons
Keep your toddler busy by giving them something to play with.

9. Hire a babysitter

Consider hiring a babysitter to look after your kid for the first few days following the move. They will keep them happy, safe, and attend to their needs, allowing you to concentrate on unpacking. Or call a trusted friend or family member to keep an eye on them. If you have more children, you should definitely have more people around.

10. Hire a skilled unpacker

It’s difficult to unpack with a toddler. Leaving the work to the pros is the easiest and best option. The best thing to do when relocating with children is to hire a trustworthy moving company like Astoria movers that will unpack for you. Full-service movers will handle your relocation from start to finish, including unpacking. If not, you’ll need to ask your movers for help unpacking. The pros will unpack your goods quickly and efficiently, so you can start enjoying your new home right away. That’s ideal for relocating with young children (or with babies, or with children at any age at all).

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