How to write a review for a moving company

Ok, now that you moved, you are wondering how to write a review for a moving company. No matter if you had a great experience with the service, or well let’s say, less good, you want to write your opinion. Maybe you’ve never written a review before. Maybe you had some issues that you want to share. Or maybe you just don’t know how to explain how easy it was. In this way, you can help other people find all the info that you’ve been searching for days. But how do you do it right? And how to explain to other users what to expect? Here is some advice:

Be as informative as possible when you write a review for a moving company

When you write a review for a moving company you should write what you want to read. In fact, this goes for any review you write. Are you writing for people who live in the New York City area and want to know more about residential moving? Or are you writing just to let others know your experience with an unspecific moving company?

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Do you know how to write a review for a moving company?

Depending on what you would like to read, note what was important for you and what did you get – or what you didn’t. Also, try to say something that others haven’t mention and you think it’s important. Maybe you expected that you need to carry the boxes on your own and movers helped. Or maybe a moving company got you a special rate. Just be mindful: you are writing about your experience, not general.

Be realistic as you can

Don’t generalize things because you are writing about your experience with a moving company. Tell people what you liked and what you didn’t like and why. The reason why will explain more about your expectations. Maybe you didn’t know you can buy moving boxes from the company. Or maybe you were surprised that you have more things than you knew. Be precise and say things that can help the future reader. You can include distance, areas (local or international), cost of the move, etc. You can also say what did you move (office or home) and maybe if you moved as a single or a family. In this way, the reader will know right away is your review of any use to them. You can also mention are you overall satisfied or not. This will help the reader decide if they should hire a specific moving company or not.

Show respect when you write a review

People who work in a moving company are the same exact thing as you are – human beings. Sure, you’re dealing with much bigger stress than they are, but just imagine those people having to deal with at least five people like you during the day. Imagine them having a smile for every demand, every stress, every rush they have to hear of. So no matter if you had a good or bad experience, just show some respect for that.

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People from moving companies are trying their best to move you and your furniture as easy as they can

People from moving companies are trying their best to move you and your furniture as easy as they can. So if you are frustrated, just make your critique be meaningful and constructive. Readers will only benefit from your opinion if they can learn from it. Besides, executives in moving companies can only fix what’s wrong if you explain to them what to do (or how to do it) better.

Be specific, not general

When you write a review for a moving company be as specific as you can. Explain your first impression and overall communication. Did the moving company offer a free moving quote? What did they include in the price? Is their customer service up to date? Don’t blame it on a moving company for something that has to do with society or politics. And especially don’t blame it on the weather! Moving companies don’t have that power to know if the weather conditions are going to be good or not. And believe it or not, nobody has that power (yet). There are other places where you can share your opinion on subjects that are irrelevant to moving. So when you write a review, describe your experience without putting in the light of everyday events.

Write with style

Don’t write your review in a hurry. Yes, it would be best to write while you still have a fresh memory, but take your time with writing. If you write a review for a moving company carefully, the other users will have more benefit from it. Use grammar and punctuation, without CAPS and too many exclamation marks.

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If you want to explain your whole experience from day one, go for it.

This should go without saying, but do try not to be vulgar and swear. As for the length, write as long as you think it’s right. If you want to explain your whole experience from day one, go for it. Avoid short reviews, as you cannot really understand what’s ok and what’s not without explanation.

Write about all the options that the company offers

Most of the times moving companies have the services that people don’t know of. So think about what you moved and explain it to others. Does a moving company offer storage? Piano moving perhaps? Office move? Can they disable furniture for you? Do they pack fragile things? Did they answer all your questions? Did they explain the whole process of the move? Were they late? How long did the move last? All these questions may be crucial for someone who wants to hire that specific company.

In the end, the whole point of any writing when you write a review for a moving company is to help others. Again, think what you want to read and be honest. Any relocation is stressful so if movers helped in any way, that can just help other people out there who are going through the whole process.

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