Important tasks people forget when moving overseas

Have you recently found a job overseas? Congratulations! Any opportunity to move to a different country can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. If not financially then personally or culturally. Having said that, it can also be daunting and can get even the toughest of people in a state of panic. You’re probably panicking even at the thought of moving day itself, not to mention the days to come. Luckily, our international movers NYC are there to take all that stress off your shoulders. There’s a lot that goes into preparing for an international move. What we want for you is to be overwhelmed with excitement on your moving day, not stress. This is why we have created this post as a reminder for you on all the important tasks that people forget when moving overseas.

Cathay Pacific Airplane
Moving to another country will change how you view the world.

Essential items people forget when moving overseas

It goes without saying that we all know that the first item on your must-pack list must be your critical documents. Duh! You’re not gonna forget to bring your passport? Well, believe it or not, this happens so often. The number one thing people forget is critical documents. So make sure it doesn’t happen to you! If you need help with packing up all your possessions, you can contact moving companies Queens. Here is a list of the 10 most important documents you can’t leave without:

  1. Passport
  2. Travel tickets
  3. Visa or work permit
  4. Birth certificate
  5. Job offer letter
  6. Proof of your tax number in your home country and in your new country
  7. Academic certificates and transcripts
  8. Legal documents
  9. Driver’s license
  10. Detailed medical records

Things to do before your departure

Needless, to say, the process of moving overseas is quite a hassle. There are so many things you need to do that it’s hard to even keep track of everything. For this reason, we went over all of the most crucial steps you need to take before your departure. Keep in mind that this process can take a while. You need to give yourself enough time to prepare so that you can avoid any disappointments upon your arrival.

Sorting out your finances

If you’re moving overseas you’ll need to know how you’re going to support yourself. The very first thing to think about is how does the cost of living in your destination country compares to where your current place of residence. This sounds daunting, but if you research these three things, you will feel a lot better:

  • Average living costs in the country you’re moving to
  • The job market in your future town
  • Pensions. in case you plan to retire in that country

    passport filled with stamps
    Don’t forget your passport!

Figuring out your living situation

Renting is the easiest option for most expats moving overseas. But if you have the means to buy property in your new country, consider looking into getting a mortgage or a loan. You may also need to sell your existing home so make sure you list your property well ahead of time.

Checking your healthcare provision

Healthcare differs vastly across the world. But it’s an essential part of keeping you and your family happy and healthy. Oftentimes people forget this when moving overseas. There are a number of things to think about when moving in relation to healthcare. The first one being health insurance. Many expats choose private cover for extra peace of mind alongside local healthcare. A smart move if you are moving to the EU, is to get the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)  This card allows EU/EEA citizens to access healthcare across Europe and it provides important health cover. Make sure to apply for this card ahead of time since it might take a few weeks to obtain it.

Making travel reservations

Try to book your travel tickets as soon as you find out you are definitely moving overseas. Know that last-minute tickets for flights, trains, and ferry sailings can be really expensive. You’ve been warned. If you can, be flexible with your moving date. Then, pick a departure that is the most affordable. But make sure you won’t be arriving at your new home in the middle of the night.

Organizing your bank accounts and credit cards

Don’t forget to review your bank accounts before moving day and notify your banks that you are relocating overseas. Discuss with the financial advisor you trust how to handle your assets. You should also consider registering for a service that makes international bank transfers easier and more affordable. Your current credit card might even work where you’re moving, so look into it.

A cat in a cat carrier
If you’re taking your pet with you, don’t forget their passport as well! this is something people forget when moving overseas very often

Last-minute things to bear in mind

You finally gathered all your documentation and you’re ready to sit down and take a sigh of relief. You look around your current home, and it suddenly hits you…oh dear God, you have a pet! What do you do with your pet now? Well, you can either take your furry friend with you or find it a loving new home. It would be best if some of your friends could take them on or your family members. However, if you are going to move with your pet, you need to ensure your pet receives proper vaccinations and identify a pet carrier. Asides from that, you may have to get an international driving permit if you know you are going to drive in your new country. Contact storage Queens if you need storage for all the stuff you’re leaving behind. Don’t forget to cancel your subscriptions in your home country and forward your e-mails.

We hope that we have helped you remember all the most important things and that your relocation will go smoothly. There are many things you need to do once you arrive as well, but you shouldn’t worry about that now. You will learn things as you go. We know that you’ll do great in your new country and we wish you all the best. However, many people experience culture shock after they move and that’s completely normal. To help you prepare you can read our other article on how to deal with culture shock after moving internationally. Whether they say “добро пожаловатьor “huānyíng” in your new home, welcome!

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