Is it possible to move a hot tub by yourself?

If you own a hot tub and need to move, well, it’s needless to say it won’t be easy. As a 56 square foot hot tub without water weighs around 900 pounds, you must be careful. Also, you should count on some seriously heavy lifting. Yet, if you can afford it, we would recommend hiring moving companies New Rochelle to help you. However, if your moving budget doesn’t allow you this possibility, fear not. Because we’ve gathered some easy steps to help you to successfully move a hot tub by yourself. After you finish, you’ll be on your way to enjoying a relaxing day in your new backyard.

First, gather moving supplies if you want to move a hot tub by yourself

One of the first steps when moving a hot tub by yourself is to gather all necessary moving supplies and tools. Those tools are the ones that moving companies Queens use to successfully conduct relocations. So, you should get moving straps, two furniture dollies, and several large plywood pieces. Also, don’t forget about cleaning supplies. These items are necessary if you wish to move a hot tube by yourself. Also, you can find dolly rentals capable of holding up to 800 pounds.

Three trucks parked next to each other
Get the moving truck big enough so that your hot tub can fit.

Reserve a moving truck on time for your hot tub

Logically, when it comes to renting a moving truck, you should be careful. You have to be sure that you’ve rented a truck that is large enough to hold the hot tub. Of course, the size of the moving truck will depend on the size of your hot tub. However, make sure to measure your hot tube before renting a moving truck. Also, your truck rental should have a loading ramp. That will make your move smoother, especially when you are moving a hot tub by yourself.

Get additional help when you’re moving a hot tub

As we already mentioned, moving a hot tub requires some serious muscle and you cannot do it all by yourself. So, you are going to need at least three additional people to help you with the move. Even better, if you can, recruit up to six people to assist you with the heavy lifting. But once again,  hiring professional moving help is always the best choice. That way, you’ll surely avoid moving injuries. Another option is to hire labor-only movers. But the bottom line is that you shouldn’t attempt to move a hot tube all by yourself. It is just too heavy for any one person to move it alone.

Woman sitting in a hot tub eating
After you move your hot tub by yourself, you can enjoy it as you wish.

More advice on moving your outdoor spa

  • Before you begin with relocating your hot tub, unplug it from its electrical outlet. Also, make sure all cords are put away and nothing is dangling from the tub.
  • Then, drain the hot tub, but be careful and follow the manufacturer’s directions. There is a chance you will need to use a garden hose or pump to drain the water.
  • Finally, plan your route before you start moving a hot tub by yourself. Come up with a plan that presents the least obstacles for you and the people helping you. Or you can always hire moving services and make it a lot easier.

There you have it, you are now ready to move a hot tub by yourself. After you are finished, you can enjoy your spare time and relax, you deserve it.


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