Is it safe to move house now?

Many people want to know is it safe to move house now when we are in the middle of a pandemic. The answer is simple. Life must go on and there is always a way to relocate safely without endangering your belongings, yourself, and your family. So, let us help you organize, pack, and find Westchester movers who will go through this journey with you. Let’s make your relocation safe and successful together.

It is safe to move house during a pandemic with the professional moving team by your side

The most important thing in this story is to find a reliable moving team. Browse online for the moving companies Queens and check out if they possess the following:

  • Licenses and permits
  • Tools and equipment
  • Affordable services
A movers standing next to a truck
Find a moving company that follows all the rules, regulations, and safety protocols.

And of course, they must follow all rules and regulations tied to the moving industry as well as all the precautionary measures for the Covid 19 situation. Make sure they are using masks, sanitizers, and have all the protective gear for the situation. It is safe to move house if you have a reliable moving company hired.

The packing must be impeccable

After you inspect your home and evaluate all the furniture and belongings you possess, you’ll know how many packing supplies you need. We highly recommend using higher-quality packing materials for this situation. Obtain the best moving boxes Queens NY you can find and invest in plastic bins if your budget allows it. Also, you will need blister packs, packing tape, stretch foil, and labels. Obtain everything at the nearest store, order online, or purchase through your moving company.

It is safe to move house if you sanitize everything

Even the regular move requires a lot of cleaning and decluttering. This time around, you will do it tenfold. Think about your health and the safety of everyone involved and you’ll gain enough energy and motivation to do it right. So, you must obtain sanitizers and clean each piece of furniture and all your household belongings. Some items can be sealed in bags and washed later after you relocate. But why take unnecessary risks? Just start washing all your clothing a week before and dry it out. Clean your furniture two days before the move and you are good to go. Then, pack your boxes and wrap your furniture in the stretch foil we mentioned earlier. Hopefully, it should be enough.

It is safe to move house if you follow the protocol
Use masks, gloves, and sanitizers. Ensure your movers do the same.

Renting a storage unit is a lucrative solution in this situation

Now, there is a solution that can make your relocation ten times easier. You can rent one of the storage Queens units and place most of your stuff there. All the Christmas decorations, seasonal items, old clothing, broken furniture, old appliances, etc. You can even put some of the stuff you are using and come back later once the dust is settled. This service is especially good if you do not have enough space in your new home. Hence, think about it before you start packing.

And a bit more cleaning before you go!

One last thing before we wrap it up. While inspecting your home and cleaning all the furniture, you should declutter before moving as well. Simply locate all the old, unused, and broken items and get rid of them. You can donate to charities or simply recycle. Call one of the recycling centers or a removal company and schedule a pickup. It will be safe to move house if you have much less to move in the first place.

In conclusion, yes, it is safe to move house if you follow all the protocols and our guide to victory. Hopefully, we covered enough for you to pack and relocate safely. Just keep your gloves and your mask on and keep the social distance at all times. Of course, as much as possible. Good luck and stay safe.

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