Living and working in New Rochelle

Are you considering moving to New Rochelle, New York? No wonder, it is a fantastic place with many job opportunities on the horizon. New Rochelle is a city in Westchester County, New York, with an estimated population of 79,067. Employment rates are rising, businesses are booming. There has never been a better time to relocate to New Rochelle. We at Tik Tok moving and storage NYC are more than happy to share with you everything you need to know about living and working in New Rochelle.

A happy couple living and working in New Rochelle
New Rochelle is both a family-friendly and business-friendly town.

Living and working in New Rochelle: what do you need to know?

Housing in New Rochelle

As is the case in the majority of New York City suburbs, the majority of homes in New Rochelle are family-based, with around 22.8 percent of the population being children under the age of 18. New Rochelle’s typical household income is $81,311. In New Rochelle, slightly more than half of the married homes are dual-income households. While 29.3 percent of married households have a stay-at-home mom or dad. The City has recently passed affordable housing laws requiring minimum set-asides of affordable units or a contribution to an Affordable Housing Fund used to create new units for new private constructions. You can hire our interstate movers in case you decide to come and invest in New Rochelle.

Renters who are eligible for rental assistance through the City’s Section 8 Program may obtain aid with their rent burden. Depending on the waiting list’s condition. Additionally, New Rochelle offers a diverse selection of inexpensive rental apartments. Consider hiring our moving companies in New Rochelle if you are firm in your decision to move.

The economic situation in New Rochelle

Economic development and regeneration in New Rochelle are extraordinary. Above all, a wave of new development has emerged, with dozens of projects now ongoing. You’ll have absolutely no problems finding a job in your field of expertise. At the street level, new restaurants open practically regularly. Duplicating the diverse cuisine of our neighboring city, New York City. The economic renaissance of New Rochelle is also visible in small enterprises, with our Business Development program aiding entrepreneurs at every step.  That being said, living and working in New Rochelle is a dream of many.

a business woman in her office
Living and working in New Rochelle means having a healthy life and a successful career.

Schooling in New Rochelle

The education system in New Rochelle is better than in most parts of the country. With an award-winning public education system, renowned private schools, the community is well-educated. New Rochelle values and prioritizes education in its citizens’ lives. The thriving New Rochelle City School District provides a comprehensive educational curriculum to over 11,000 pupils. The Museum of Arts and Culture at New Rochelle High School is the state’s only Regents-chartered museum located in a school. It provides both an on-site experience for students and a cultural asset for the whole community school district. There are also three notable universities:

  • The College of New Rochelle,
  • Iona College &
  • Monroe College.

In case you’ve decided to switch to small-town living and move from NYC to New Rochelle, then do read this short-distance moving guide. It will help you a lot along your journey. We are sure you are going to love living and working in New Rochelle.



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