Moving house after divorce

There will be no sugarcoating here. Divorce is a nasty affair, even when it is a mutual decision. Therefore, we cannot just pretend that this is a move like any else. The situation that caused this is the move will also be one that will influence its planning, execution, and post-move operations. Acknowledgment on our part that moving house after a divorce is not straightforward is done in an attempt to stay honest and useful. Treating this like any other moving manual would be doing you a disservice. With that being said, let us turn towards the crux of the matter. We will talk about how to keep up the spirits, how to organize the moving aspect of it, and how to deal with the situation immediately after the relocation process. Without further ado, let us begin.

Acknowledge the situation and set course

Before we can talk about moving to Queens after a divorce, we must first discuss under what circumstances will your relocation be performed. Divorce is definitely not an optimal environment for a relocation, but that is only the secondary matter here. Divorce can also leave a heavy emotional toll on both parties. A successful move is more than just moving to a new house or an apartment. It is also about moving your home, and that can and most likely will be painful when done under these circumstances

Emotions sign
It is hard to moving house after a divorce, so you need to be honest with yourself, and be kind to yourself

The best way to deal with this is to acknowledge it. Yes, divorce is bad, and moving house after divorce just seems like losing both a marriage and a home. However, that is not the case. Home is not someplace you live in. Home is not a house, an apartment, a condo. Your home is where you feel safe, and at peace. That place now has to exist somewhere else, but moving there is not to be dreaded. You will be happy at your new home, for it will truly be home. There will be no tension that led to divorce. You will be alone or with your children and you will finally have the time to think about yourself in a safe environment.

This is what relocation after divorce truly is all about. Moving to a place where you can start over. It is about recognizing that the move is necessary, that the divorce has happened, yet that you are free to move to a better chapter of your life.

Planning for moving house after divorce

When trying to plan your relocation after divorce you are most likely having to plan fast. Luckily, there are a number of methods that one can use to plan last minute. First off, you have to have everything in writing. A checklist with all the necessary provisions for the move is to be made as soon as possible. Writing things down will help you focus on what matters during the whole ordeal. It will make you not forget the important parts of the relocation.

First on the list should definitely be the Queens movers you intend to hire and finding a place to move to. Hopefully, you can relocate to a friend’s place or a hotel/motel for a short while. Whatever the place you are moving to is, you must find out just how much distance you need to cover to get there. Relocations can roughly be either local or long distance. Consider, for the sake of simplicity, anything over 4 hours to be long distance.

Planning for moving house after divorce - drawing a plan
Be ready to write things down

You will also need to set your moving budget, fast. Your moving cost will be set by three main variables:

  • DistanceMoving house after divorce a long distance away will definitely cost you more. This variable decides the type of relocation in question.
  • Price of work / Time– More time your move requires, the more will it cost. This is the main variable that goes into the local relocations formula
  • Weight – Weight, and volume require not only more work but, on long distances especially, more fuel. The more you pack, the more will it cost you.
  • Additional services – any additional services you might require such as packing services NYC will cost you extra.

Get help if you feel you need it

Additionally, movers don’t have to be the only people involved with your move. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family, especially if there is a lot of things to pack. There will surely be more than happy to do it for some beer and a pizza. Asking for help is not a weakness and it is a good thing that will help you during the move.

Downsizing is a good step.

As we mentioned previously, moving companies Stamford Ct and everywhere else will always have higher prices more you want to move. That is why you should try to downsize. Selling things online or in a garage sale, moving them to the storage, recycling them, donating them, or simply putting them to waste. Whatever the method, downsizing when moving house after a divorce is a good way to save some money and make the process go smoother.

Water on the window
Times are hard, but it will get better – time to adapt!

Adapting after the move

Dealing with divorce can seem like a difficult prospect. This is made clear when you are, for the first time, alone in your new home. But do not despair.

Try finding yourself. Enjoy the things you couldn’t when you had company. Enjoy your own company too. You are stepping into a new chapter of your life and that is something that will require some adapting, sure, but will most certainly lead to new things.

In order for the moving house after divorce to go smoothly, you need to be prepared for some hardships and to work hard on planning the whole thing. Thign big strokes and don’t forget anything important. Any other details can be worked out later. You will be fine and your move will be successful.

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