Moving to Huntington in less than a month

New York is not just in New York City. People seem to forget that a lot these days. New York is a state that offers a lot of places where you can live with happiness and prosperity. With New York City being the city that never sleeps, it is definitely taking the spotlight as the place of endless carrier battles and such. However, that does not make it a good place to live in. Far from it. High rent, pollution, small apartments, price on everything, work environment, etc… All of this truly makes you rethink just how long you wish to stay in NYC. And yet, there are undeniable benefits to it two, so if you are to leave, why not stay close by? Moving to Huntington is a great way to do both. Let’s talk about why and how you should move to Hungtington, New York.

Moving to Huntington – what is what?

The city of Huntington can be found on Long Island, not too far out from New York City. It has a pretty big population of around 200 000 people, but it is nowhere near the multi-million population of NYC. That is, of course, to its benefit. It is not a provincial town, yes, but it is still worlds away from the hustle and bustle of NYC.

Moving to Huntington - what to expect
What should you expect in Huntington?

After movers Huntington NY relocates you to Huntington we predict you will want to look into these three fields. Let us talk about each of these aspects of Huntington, NY

  • Transportation – There is the I 495, aka the Long Island Expressway, that is the sole interstate highway. It is also connected to several New York State routes, those being 231, 110, 108, 25, 25A, and Northern State Parkway. With that much road connection moving to Huntington with interstate moving companies NYC will be a breeze.
  • Education – IF you are moving with kids, you will find a lot of choices. When we are talking about elementary and high schools, you have 3 in cold spring harbor central school district, 6 in the Commack district (though some are located in Smithtown), 4 in Elwood union District, Nine in Half hollow Hills School, Harbourfields boasts 4 and Huntington Union Free School District has 8. Furthermore, Northport-East Northport (fairly confusing name, we will admit) offers 9 schools, South Huntington offers 6, and you can also find 3 private schools. And, of course, you can also find two colleges. Five Towns College and Seminary of the Immaculate Conception.
  • Economy -Among the ten highest employers in Huntington proper you will find the Huntington hospital and Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center, which together employ around 4000 people. Further down, Canon, Elstree LAuder, and Henry Schein employ another 4500 workers, with Western Suffolk Boces, Newsday, Marchon Eyear, BAE system, and the town itself hiring about 6000 people all together.

Start planning early

Best way to make your moving to Huntington a successful one is to start planning as early as possible. Around 8 weeks prior to the move is considered to be a good time to start. When you are planning on moving, write things down. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of it can be forgotten. Be sure to hire movers, take inventory, and pack properly before moving.

Have good movers

First on your list should be to find good Bronx movers so your relocation can go carefree. There are a lot of movers, so follow our simple instructions to find the most trustworthy and affordable among them.

a chalk handshake
You need movers in which you can trust

First off, immediately go for the licensed ones. Only with them, you are sure that no scam is present. Furthermore, read the reviews of past clients. Finally, with a selection now reasonably small, be sure to ask for free estimates for your move to Huntington so the lowest bidder can take the win!


Before your New York movers can come and relocate you, you need to be ready. If you want to save some money on your Huntington relocation, you can pack by yourself! Ask around for free packing supplies, many shops will give it to you. You can also find some online free packing material. Make sure you put stuff in boxes that leave some breathing room. Before packing, everything is to be cleaned and never forget about a good amount of cushioning material that should be present!

Moving with kids?

Are you moving to Huntington with kids? That is a great choise, especially if you are moving from NYC. This will give them a good opportunity and access to top schools in the state! However, the nature of relocations with kids can get complicated, so we are here to help you with some aspects of it.

A kid
How will you deal with moving with kids?

First of all, if you are dealing with pre-teen children, you are having to move someone who can’t, at least not fully, comprehend why you would move and why is that so necessary. Sure, they can be learned to say it back, but they do not really get the magnitude of the whole ordeal. Just make sure that you appear confident. With teens, make sure you talk to them and help them stay in contact with all friends while fitting in with new ones.

Bon, voyage!

All in all, we would conclude that moving to Huntington is a great step to take. A one that you are sure to profit from. Not necessarily monetarily, though living expenses on Long Island are definitely a lot lower than in NYC, but also in many other ways. Sure, New York City offers a lot of things, but it is hard to say it offers stability and peace. And, sometime in our lives, that is what we need. The chaos of NYC rages on while you look back at it from Huntington. You are still not too far away. You can still be close. But, no longer will you find yourself in the eye of the storm. No longer will you endure the nonsleeping concrete jungle that is a battle place of overworked New Yorkers. It is time to have some peace and prosperity in Huntington.


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