NYC entertainment options to explore after the move

Moving to another city is always exciting. There are so many new things to explore, great venues to visit, awesome fun to be had. With all those great NYC entertainment options, you will certainly have plenty to do. So, once your Brooklyn movers relocate your belongings, you owe to yourself to go and visit some of the most famous places in NYC. We are going to provide you with an overview of the most iconic New York landmarks and try to give you a reason to visit them. So, without further ado, here are the:

NYC entertainment options – Places to visit after the move

  • Statue of Liberty Museum
  • Woolworth building
  • One of the best NYC entertainment options – Empire State Building

Of course, NYC has a lot more entertainment places but these are the ones that we feel are the best for starting out. In our opinion, the first place you need to visit is:

Statue of Liberty Museum

Finally open to the public, this dedication to American history and freedom is definitely something everyone visiting NYC needs to see. You will be able to see and feel the significance of this symbol and monument to freedom. Located in the middle of NY Harbor, this museum has artifacts and exhibits that explore the story of Lady Liberty.

statue of liberty
As soon as you arrive, you should visit the Statue of Liberty!

The greatest piece in the collection is the original torch from the statue itself. The one that is on the statue now is a copy and the real deal is in this building. You will also be able to enjoy the great rooftop view of the statue itself while lounging comfortably.

Woolworth building

Another great landmark is the world-famous Woolworth building. This place, once dubbed as the “Cathedral of Commerce”, is a masterpiece of the neo-Gothic architecture. Its owner, the retail wizard F.W. Woolworth, made this place famous by his name only. The awesome and ornate lobby is closed to the public but can be seen if you are a part of a tour. Parts of this building feature a grand piano, a piece that even the piano movers Queens NY would have to think twice about moving.  And this is, incidentally, the best way to experience this building and its history. A guided tour will sate your curiosity and provide you with a great experience.

One of the best NYC entertainment options – Empire State Building

Last but definitely not least on our list is the building that represents NYC the best. The Empire State Building. In this building, you can really recognize the traits that make NYC the place that it is. You absolutely have to visit this place even once, even though it is a tourist trap of sorts. If you want the best experience, you may want to go early in the morning, such as at 8 a.m. If you want to visit the place late at night, the last elevator goes at 1:15 a.m. However, if you are moving to New York City during the holidays, there are plenty of ways to have fun!

empire state building
Empire State Building is also a place that you should visit after the move!

All in all, there are lots of great entertainment options and these three are just the beginning.

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