Pet-friendly NYC neighborhoods to explore

Life in NYC can get lonely. That is why many of us choose to bring a pet to our lives. These furry (and not so furry) friends bring joy and happiness into our lives. Naturally, we would like to hang out with them in an environment that is appreciative of pets. Many people ask Long Island city movers about what are the best pet-friendly NYC neighborhoods to explore. Well, today we have a selection of top six neighborhoods for you to explore. So, without further ado, here are the:

Top 6 Pet-friendly NYC Neighborhoods To Explore!

There are many NYC neighborhoods that accept pets as part of their daily lives. But these few down below are the ones that will go above and beyond to cater to their pets. These are:

  • Upper West Side
  • Astoria
  • Battery Park City
  • Park Slope
  • Brooklyn Heights
  • Upper East Side

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people in the park
Take your dog to one of the Upper West Side parks!

Upper West Side

This area has a lot of green space for walks. That’s why it’s one of the most popular to move with your pets to. You can choose between Riverside Park and Central Park for your morning and daily walking routines. There will be plenty of pets around, so your pet can socialize with others if you so wish. Of course, if you have a dog, there will be a lot more friends than if you have a raccoon, for example. There are also numerous pet services around, as well as pet stores. These are located in all the commercial areas, such as Broadway, Amsterdam Avenue, and Columbus Avenue.

Astoria – One Of The Best Pet-friendly NYC Neighborhoods To Explore

If you want to gaze upon some of the most beautiful Manhattan Skyline views, then Astoria Park is the place for you. This park has off-the-leash hours for your pet, in certain areas of course. These hours are every day until nine in the morning and every evening after nine. This park also caters for the hungry owners and has several restaurants inside, which are also one of the city’s finest.

If you are considering dog-walking service then Astoria is the perfect place for you. This neighborhood is the proud owner of NYC’s number one dog walking service, Buster and Whiskers.

Another, brand new, park has recently opened in Astoria, as well. This one is located on Hoyt Avenue and includes separate areas for small and large dogs. There are also several rock mounds for your friends to play on. To top it all off, there are also water amenities for the really hot weather.

Battery Park City

This community, which is in Lower Manhattan, prides itself on many lawns and walkways for your pets. It is really important that your walking routes are interesting for both you and your dog and Battery Park City provides just that. This place is right next to the Hudson River Park, as well as Rockefeller Park. So if you get tired of routes in BPC, which will take quite a bit, you can visit these parks as well.

Pet stores and veterinarians are aplenty here and you will never be far away from either. There is also a hospital for your pets if they need it. There are also numerous activities for your pets to partake in, such as the puppy parade. These are organized by the BPC Dog Association.

dog, playing
Battery Park City has many lawns and walkways for your pets!

Park Slope

The best pet-friendly area in Brooklyn, Park Slope provides everything that your pet might need. Whether is it off-leash time, a dog beach or various running places, Park Slope provides! Notable places are JJ Byrne Dog Park and South Slope Dog Run. Your pets will have plenty of areas to exercise in, as well as socialize.

Pet-friendly NYC Neighborhoods To Explore – Brooklyn Heights

If park slope was the best when it comes to pet-friendly places, Brooklyn Heights is definitely a bit better for the owners. This historic neighborhood has plenty of restaurants that will admit both you and your pets. There is nothing better than eating alongside your pet in one of these great restaurants. There are a lot of them but we can recommend Sotto Voice and Enid’s. They are the ones that stand on the top.

Upper East Side

There are several parks in this area and they are all great. Whether it is Carl Shurz Park, Haswell Green Park or Central Park, your pet will simply love to run around and explore. Of special note are the dog runs in Carl Schurz Park. You can also get great views of the East River in this park. If you are looking for pet stores and accompanying services, you can find these on several avenues. Notably, these are 1st, 2nd and 3rd Avenues, as well as the Lexington Avenue.

dog in the store
Upper East Side offers plenty of pet shops and accompanying services.

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So, whether it is the famous Brooklyn Heights, Astoria or any other neighborhood, your pets will definitely love the open spaces. But what is most important is the community. The community simply loves pets and will go out of its way to help them and their owners.

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