Plan Your Move

When you move with TikTok, we help you plan your move step by step. The Invoice is a document used to lay out the important details of your move. To ensure a stress-free move, we have some tips that you should include in your Invoice.

Moving is always a good time to get rid of the items you do not need, so you are not spending extra on them. Make a checklist of everything that will go to your new place. Also make a list of all contact, building, and content information.

  • At TikTok Moving, we will help you create a detailed list of your items. This will not only help you keep track of any valuable goods, but also give you peace of mind. We will also use the list to estimate a fixed price for your shipment.
  • Be sure to keep close contact with building management to make sure that proper arrangements are made at both locations, including reserving elevators and choosing a day that fits your schedule. Proper insurance coverage is also needed to meet your building’s requirements.
  • Our specialists can advise a suitable number and style of boxes that fit your move. You can see the different types of boxes offered, at BOXES. Be sure to pack in advance and have all the necessary materials to get the job done. TikTok Moving will not only deliver the boxes, but can help pack/unpack if you like.
  • Any items you do not immediately need should be packed away at this time. It is unnecessary to make boxes heavier than they need to be, so pack accordingly by placing heavier items at the bottom.
  • Complete a U.S. Postal Service Change of Address form, which can be obtained online at Notifying internet/cable providers, utility companies, or other services you use of an address change is important as well. Be sure to check their procedures beforehand.
  • On move day, it is vital to pack in an organized manner by placing key items in one easy-to-find place or a designated bag. Important items like jewelry, checkbooks, phones, or prescriptions should be placed there.

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