Planning a NYC move during high season – the pros and cons

You are planning an NYC move and it happens to be during high season? From June to August and from November to December happens to be the busiest time in NYC. These are considered high season, just by the magnitude of tourists flocking in. And it just so happens that following an increase in tourism the prices increase as well. How smart is it to move during high season? Is it worth moving through bustling city streets or should you wait?

Is it worth it?

However you look at it, and whoever you ask you will hear different opinions and advice. NYC move during high season is anything but easy, but does that mean it’s not worth it? Here is a list of pros and cons we gathered up for you.

  • Transportation and crowds
  • Weather
  • Holidays
  • Helping hands

    NYC crowd
    The crowd during NYC high season

Transportation and crowds

During NYC high season a lot of people come to enjoy the city. Known for its great parks, cafes, food, fashion, many historical sites, and many more attractions it’s no wonder that a high number of people come every year. And where there is a large number of people crowds form. This is the first con of an NYC move during high season. If you want to move exactly at the time of the high season but you don’t want to sit stuck in a traffic jam hiring moving companies NYC is a good option.


What many forget to take into account when talking about NYC moving during high season is the weather itself. During summer it’s known to be hot and muggy followed by a subtle bad smell in the air. The winter is known to be quite chilly. So taking advantage of spring and fall weather is ideal for moving to NYC. Though you should consider weather only if you are moving by yourself. If you are using professionals like international movers NYC even the weather won’t be a problem you will need to concern yourself with. But if you decide to do it alone many November is the perfect time for you to do it.


One thing that stands out during NYC high season is that part of it happens when most of the holidays are. So you will have a lot more free time off of work to devote to packing and moving. In the hectic life of an NYC citizen, most of the time is spent running around so, time off is highly appreciated. So you can either use movers Forest Hills NY and enjoy your free time or do it by yourself but slowly. If you opt for an NYC high season move we know with the new number of new people you will also want to go out and socialize so why not leave the work to professionals? Go be a tourist in your city and discover new sides to the everchanging city that never sleeps.

NYC night
High season in NYC night

Helping hands

Last but not least important on our list is helping hands. If you decide that for any reason movers in Jackson Heights NY is not your cup of tea and you wish to do it by yourself, at some point you will find that you can’t do it alone either. So by picking the time of the high season when most people are on vacation you can maybe catch some of your friends and family members off guard. Pull them in to help you and your NYC move during high season.

We hope this helped you even a little to decide if you should move during the NYC high season. As time goes on and the weather changes even sometimes during the high season can be helpful for the move. We wish you a nice move.


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