Post-move home security features to install

We know that moving is stressful, so you may stop being as careful as you usually are. However, many studies show that a home is the most likely to be robed right after you have moved most of your stuff but still haven’t started living full-time in your new home. That is why the best New York movers always advise you to get your home security in order as quickly as you can. Some advanced security features take a bit of time to implement, but you should always take care of the basics straight away. Here is a list of 5 post-move home security features that should be high on your to-do list.

1. Check and repair your doors and windows

Obliviously, the safety of your doors and windows should be your top priority. After all, they are the main access point to your new home. Check whether all the locks are functional and whether the hinges are holding strong. Are the frames tightly placed? If a burglar tried, could they easily break them down? Take note of these things and repair and upgrade what you need ASAP. Once you have a bit more time, consider getting bars and grills to reinforce your windows. Windows are some of the most vulnerable features of your home, and the most likely ones burglars will try to exploit. If you have shutters, try to keep them closed.

Key inside of a lock.
Assessing the security of your doors and windows is the first thing you should do.

As an added security measure, take some boxes that are leftover from the packing services NYC you hired, cut them up, and tape them to your street-facing windows until you move in full-time. This way, any potential burglar won’t be able to case your home and learn your schedule. Your home is most at threat when nobody is there, so letting people know that your home is unoccupied is not a smart move. Having cardboard taped to your windows is far from the prettiest design choice, but you can easily remove it once you have settled in. 

2. Change your locks

You don’t want anyone but you to have keys to your home. Replacing all of your locks should be one of the first post-move home security features you deal with. This goes both for your doors and windows. The added benefit of changing locks is that you get to pick the new locks, so you can buy the most secure ones. Adding a deadbolt or installing smart locks is a wise move to improve your security further. You don’t even have to change the locks yourself. Movers in Hicksville NY take security seriously, so you can contact them for recommendations about good locksmiths in your area to take care of it for you. If your windows don’t have locks, they likely have latches. Manufacturer latches often aren’t the best, so consider replacing them with stronger ones when you have the time.

3. Install cameras

Security cameras serve two roles – they deter burglars and, if you do get robbed, they help the police catch the perpetrators. Naturally, it’s better if you don’t get robbed at all, instead of seeking justice afterward. That is why you should install security cameras in clearly visible places. Having cameras is one of the best post-move home security features you can have. You can also place a sign that your home has a surveillance system installed (you can do this even before you install the cameras themselves). There are many options for you to choose from regarding the type of surveillance system you want. The most important thing is that you have something.

Camera mounted on a wall.
Having cameras is one of the most important post-move home security features.

4. Add a home security system

Besides cameras, there are other security features you can install when you have the time. Alarms are probably the most common. Motion-sensor activated lights are another excellent deterrent for burglars. Glass break detectors are an additional good security feature – they detect the distinct sound of glass breaking and set off alarms. Plus, you should include smoke alarms for your own safety. You can even connect everything to your devices so that you can remotely monitor what is happening in your home. If you have the time and money, consider installing a full smart home security system so that everything is connected.

5. Get to know the neighborhood

As you start moving in, introduce yourself to your new neighbors and try to make friends. Being on good terms with your neighbors will not only make you feel like you belong, but it will also increase your security. They can tell you if they see anything suspicious going on when you are not there, so that you know to take extra precautions. You can also ask them about a neighborhood watch type of organization or potential risks you may encounter. You can ask residential movers NYC who the prominent community members are and how to contact them. Remember – a tight-knit community is a safe community. While being friends with your neighbors may not necessarily be included in standard post-move home security features, it should be at the top of your list.

Post-move home security features.
Your neighbors can help keep your home safe.

A few additional post-move home security features 

There are some simple things you can do to improve the security of your home even further. Remember, burglars are most likely to target your home if they believe it is unoccupied. Consequently, your simple post-move home security features should revolve around making your home appear occupied at all times. You can leave the lights on when you are away, or schedule your light to turn on at certain parts of the day. Do the same with your TV or computer. If you have neighbors you trust, ask them to stop by your home while you are away. Basically, do anything you can think of that makes it seem like there is someone in your house at all times. Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting things in life, so don’t let burglars take that away from you!

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