Pre-move office decluttering tips and tricks

The moving process requires the coordination of many tasks and activities. It’s more often than not stressful and tiring. Moreover, if you are relocating your office. In this case, moving doesn’t only involve relocating belongings. It also requires finding moving companies Queens for moving furniture, pricey equipment, and office supplies. Furthermore, you have to organize and plan ahead your commercial relocation. You don’t want it to affect daily activities and the company’s productivity. Office decluttering can really simplify and speed up the moving process. Find out pre-move office decluttering tips and tricks that will make your company’s move a less stressful experience.

Prioritize before you start decluttering your office

Before you start packing, it’s necessary to go through all your stuff and organize them properly. When you start your pre-move office decluttering, start dividing your stuff by:

  • Necessities and crucially important items.
  • Usage frequency of certain items.
  • Items that are suitable for storage or archiving.
  • Items that are viable for selling or donating. This is a great way to significantly declutter the office pre-move.
  • Items that are for recycling or discarding.
Man Sitting in Front of Computer in an office space.
Try to downscale the number of items for moving before you start packing.

Remember that the size of your relocation will define the price of it. This is particularly significant when hiring commercial moving companies NYC. So, consider whether all your furniture fits into the new office. Take into account that it may be cheaper to purchase some new items than to move the old ones.

Write an inventory list

Hiring a reliable and professional commercial mover is a vital part of the moving process. Professional movers will transport your items safely. But also, they can help you to pack, label, and also provide useful advice. However, you should still make an inventory list that holds all your items. The inventory list should include all your office supplies, equipment, furniture, paperwork, etc.

Consider taking pictures of your items, especially valuable ones such as expensive equipment or art. This will be handy if anything gets lost or damaged. Also, an inventory list will be helpful when you start unpacking in your new office.

Include your employees in your pre-move office decluttering process

Communication with your employees is the key to successful office relocation. Involve your workers in the before-move office decluttering process. Ask them for their opinion about the item’s necessity. Afterward, you can offer them certain tasks regarding the move and pre-move decluttering. Everyone should know the relocation plan and do their part. One of the important things to try and accomplish is to minimize the downtime to your business. That is why everyone should understand what exactly they could do during the move.

Crop woman with silver pen sitting at table, pointing the pen toward the paper.
To declutter your office properly, make an inventory list of all your office belongings pre-move.

Consider asking your employees for their input on ways to discard unwanted items. Maybe some of them will need some office furniture or supplies you planned on discarding. Consider offering these items as a bonus for their effort during the cleaning out of the office and moving. Also, it could be a good idea to throw a small celebration after you pack your offices.

Rent storage in time

Renting a storage facility can be quite helpful during the pre-move office decluttering process. If you are not sure if everything is going to fit, a reliable storage service is necessary. You can store your furnishings, office supplies, and equipment, and be sure they are safe.

Make sure you consider the type and size of the storage unit. This will depend on the size of your move. Your inventory list will help you specify the exact type of storage you will need. There are a lot of options available. So make sure you do your research properly.

Pack your items properly after done with pre-move office decluttering

Packing is a very important part of any relocation. It greatly impacts the unpacking process. Remember also to label your boxes properly and create a content list to attach to the box. This is crucial to your unpacking process since all the important information will be on the box. Thie label should cover destination, handling instructions, fragility level, etc. It’s important to know where is everything. This way you enable easy access to the items you will need the most.

Also, make sure that you secure all your valuables. Make sure you have enough bubble wrap and other protective materials. Also, you can hire, for instance, professional packing services NYC to do the work for you.

Man Writing Label on Box
Labeling boxes is a significant part of office decluttering.

Hire professional help for decluttering your office

Paying a full-service relocation company can save you a lot of money and valuable time. Experienced professionals can handle a number of challenging tasks. These tasks can be furniture disassembly or removing complicated equipment. This will allow you to focus on other important things and have a less stressful move. With experienced and reliable movers, you can be sure that your stuff is safe and handled with care.

Professional and experiences commercial movers may also know places where you can donate, sell or recycle your unwanted items. For example, there can be some research centers or local schools in need of technical equipment or office supplies.


Managing an office relocation is requires a lot of effort and work. Moreover, it demands a lot of time and patience and organizing skills. The key to a successful and stressless relocation is a good plan and proper preparation.

The most time-consuming part of the relocation is probably the pre-move office decluttering. Even though it is boring, it’s important to go through your things, organize them, and get rid of unnecessary items. Hiring a professional and experienced company is the first step to success. Reliable movers will handle your items and valuable equipment securely and transfer them safely into your new office. You can also further ease the moving process by checking out more office moving tips and tricks.

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