Prohibited items – the items NY movers won’t move

When it comes to relocation, transportation or any kind of item shipping there are certain rules we need to follow! This is no different from moving as well! There are simply some items NY movers won’t move! Either being hazardous, risky to move, or just plain forbidden by the law! Here is the list of items you won’t be able to transport to your new home. If you have them you will have to get rid of them, or relocate on your own!

Hazardous materials are one of the items NY movers won’t move

Maybe it never occurs to you, but the aerosol cans, paints, paint thinners, batteries, fire extinguishers are just some of the items NY movers won’t move. Most of the time, if you ask your local movers NYC they will provide you with the list of items they don’t transport! This is just to be sure you won’t have anything hazardous in your household. Also, if they can’t move it, you need to dispose of it! And you can do that only by hiring a professional crew for removing hazardous materials. We will talk about that later.  The only solution to this issue is to use as much as you can of those items, so in case of having to throw them out, you won’t lose that much

Hazardous material in bottle as one of the items NY movers won’t move
Hazardous materials are one of the items NY movers won’t move

Items with sentimental and personal value

If you ask professional movers about items they do not want to move, you will get the same answer most of the time. And one of those answers is that they mostly won’t move personal items with sentimental value!  And one of the main reasons for that is that these items have a risk of loss or a risk of getting damaged. In short, what the movers want to do is lower the risk of damaging them or losing them. And you, as someone who is moving away will surely want to keep them in your new home.

One of the most important items you need to keep with yourself and move are financial records, medical records, school records or any other government-issued paper you will need in life. Also, they will avoid moving high tech gadgets and expensive items such as jewelry or other important items. Avoiding the risk of damaging your beloved sentimental items is their priority!

Bunch of jewelry
Movers will avoid transporting very expensive jewelry

They are not avoiding their responsibilities, they are just lowering the risks that anything bad can happen. Speaking of risks and responsibilities there are some you need to know more about before moving.  Knowing what are the responsibilities and rights of moving customers is something you should know before hiring movers.

Who can dispose of toxic materials and other waste items

If you by any chance possess items NY movers won’t move then you are a bit in a pickle! Don’t try to get rid of them yourself! You can end up seriously injuring yourself or getting a hefty fine for it. Instead, you need to find a company that removes hazardous and toxic materials. Most of the time the city itself offers services like that, for price. But, you might have trouble finding an available city crew that will actually do it. What helps is knowing how can NYC help you get rid of toxic and hazardous materials!

A man holding a recycle bin
Some companies will remove your waste materials and then recycle them

Certain plants

Transporting plants may sound like not a big deal to you, but to movers, it can cause a bit of trouble. You see, everything is ok if you are moving locally! But, if you decide to move to another state or continent, you will have trouble transporting your greenery. And depending on how much you want to transport, you will have to acquire certain licenses and pass certain regulations. Also, you must hire specialized movers who can offer you plant moving services. But, this is the case if you are transporting a large amount of greenery. All these regulations are here to prevent any possible spread of insects, pests or anything else into a new ecosystem. So, don’t be surprised if the movers refuse to move your plants.

items NY movers won’t move - a basket with flowers
You may not be able to transport some plants

But, in case you do have everything in order, we all know what kind of a mess we are left with after moving plants or any other materials that can leave a stain. Which is why it is important to know who to hire to clean up your home before moving.

Power tools and equipment with fuel and oil in them

Yes, this can cause serious trouble for the movers and yourself. No, there are no legal issues revolving the transport of these items. It is just a safety precaution! You need to empty the gas and oil tanks of your power tools and equipment before moving them! Especially if you are moving long distance and during the summer! The high temperatures can cause flames to catch and burn your items! Not only that, both you and your movers can get seriously injured! So you need to do this before you move. The best thing you can do is to pump them out and put them in plastic bottles or any other specialized containers!

Now we all know that packing them like that is just 1/3 of the packing process. The other 2 requires you to do a lot of safety preparations because the liquids you are transporting are flammable. A great thing to know is how to prepare liquids for relocation! This will help you prepare those bottles for transport easy!

These are the main items NY movers won’t move when you are relocating! And that’s mostly because they are either safety, health hazards or they don’t have proper licenses required by the government to move such items. Hopefully, this article gave you an insight into what items you can and can not move! We hope it helped you with your move!

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