Pros and cons of moving to the Bronx

There are pros and cons of moving to the Bronx as well as any other place. The key is for the positive to be louder than the negatives. Let’s see how much fun can you have in one of the most diverse neighborhoods of New York.

Affordable living

One of the best positives about living in the Bronx is the housing prices. They are incredibly low. This is because once upon a time, there were high crime rates here. Since that time the crime is gone but the housing options are still cheap. So call Bronx movers fast! People are still afraid to live in this beautiful neighborhood for no reason at all. Along with cheap housing, you can also find affordable movers to get you going. There is not a feeling more satisfying than not being broke at the end of the moving phase.

Wallet with money as one of the reasons why Bronx is on our list of Pros and cons of moving to the Bronx
Being affordable is what made the Bronx on our list of pros and cons of moving to the Bronx

Nature and diversity of the people

When looking at the pros and cons of moving to the Bronx, nature is a huge plus. Maybe even more than cheap housing options. There is no price tag you can put to be able to enjoy beautiful nature all year round. Westchester movers will do the hard work while you enjoy nature. If you are perplexed about the pros and cons of living in the Bronx look up some of these parks:

  1. Pelham Bay Park
  2. Van Cortland Park
  3. Berretto Point Park

Aside from beautiful parks, the Bronx is the home of an amazing Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo. This is the perfect opportunity for your child to grow and learn about nature and its beauty,

A couple enjoying in the park
There are a lot of beautiful parks in the Bronx

Public transport is amazingly good in the Bronx

We know public transportation is often negative when you think about it, but not in the Bronx. Here it is very well developed and has access to anywhere.  Even if the locals have a car, they often opt out for public transport. It is that good.

People riding the train
Public transportation is really good in the Bronx

If you thought public transportation saved you because you will be commuting, you’re wrong. The Bronx has a rising job market and jobs are popping out of everywhere fast. More and more is invested in the Bronx and that is another positive point.

The cons of living in the Bronx

Even with a lot of nature surrounding it is a bit polluted in there. Not in all of the Bronx but some southern parts. The southern part of the Bronx is industrial and you can’t avoid air pollution in an industrial area. This is why you should opt-out for a different area of the Bronx, closer to the highway.

chimneys releasing smoke
One of the cons of living in the Bronx is the pollution

Another con is long commutes if you are working in Manhattans. But as we mentioned, the job market is on the rise. So there is no reason for you to commute to Manhattan. You have a perfect job right in your backyard.

As we see on our little list of pros and cons of moving to the Bronx, There are not that many negatives and they are relative. Good luck with your move!

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